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Boston Common Magazine

Fake Your Way to Summer Weather at These 6 Indoor Pools.

9 Gluten-Free Dishes That Even Foodies Will Love.

Real Estate Experts Weigh in on Where General Electric Exes Should Live in Boston.

Our Guide for Where to Get Ready for Wedding Season

13 Ways to Celebrate National Margarita Day in Boston

16 Things to do in Boston Before Winter is Over

7 Bronzers for Believably Faking a Summer Tan in the Dead of Winter.

6 Tasting Menus Worth Your Valentine’s Day Reservation

Your Guide to the Best Valentine’s Day Ever In Beacon Hill

9 Romantic Valentine’s Day Staycations Around Boston

5 Things You Need to Know About Massachusetts-Filmed Movie ‘The Finest Hours’

7 Waterproof Mascaras to Withstand a Boston Winter

Boston Magazine


Warm Up with Boston’s Best Hot Chocolate

Marissa Rossi Makes A Sweet Addition To Puritan & Company 

The Boston Vegetarian Society Held Its 20th Annual Vegetarian Food Festival 

Spooky Fun For Everyone: Kids’ Halloween Events

Halloween Events in Boston 2015

Salem’s Most Bewitching Attractions

New England’s Top Haunted Houses and Halloween Destinations

Your Magazine 

Fall 2015 & Spring 2016 – A&E Editor

Spring 2015 – Assistant A&E Editor

Spring 2014 & Fall 2014 – Section Writer


Deadpool: Marvel’s R-Rated Antihero, A&E Editor 

A&E Editor 

The Fear of Fan Fiction, A&E Editor

A&E Editor

Fifty Shades of Controversy 

Annie Through The Ages


American Candy: The Maine’s Sweet New Album

John Green: From Page To Silver Screen

The 5 Best Travel Mugs in Existence 

The Hidden Gems of Christmas Movies

Atlas Magazine

Fall 2015  & Spring 2016 – Co-Editor-in-Chief

Spring 2015 – Style Editor

Spring 2014 & Fall 2014 – Style Writer



The Science of Speech – Off the Map Issue – Style Editor 

The Transformation of Style Staples – Transformations Issue- Style Writer 

International Students Figuring Out American Style – Origins Issue  – Style Writer