Monday Motivation: Replica 

I had a super relaxing weekend (even though I didn’t get anything I needed to done) and am ready to start the week! This quote is from Lauren Oliver’s Replica, I love it, it feels very Dr. Suess-like to me. Let me know what you guys are up to and what you need to get done this week in the comments!

“Normal is a word invented by boring people to make them feel better about being boring.”

Monday Motivation: Caraval

Hey ya’ll! I’m so ready for this week to pass by, last week at work was really hectic working on one big project and this week is going to be a lot of catch-up. But, silver lining, I have Friday off to go to the beach with my mom for a long weekend. That’s just what’s keeping me going. What do y’all need motivation for this week?

“Every person has the power to change their fate if they are brave enough to fight for what they desire more than anything.”

Monday Motivation: Once and For All

Happy Monday everyone! Last week just dragged on, and I had a pretty rough time of it, which makes me glad for a fresh start.  You might’ve noticed I went a bit longer than usual without posting, but I had some friends stay over and that distracted me and then I fell in a bit of a slump. But I rested up Sunday and watched Game of Thrones—which was phenomenal—so I’m ready to start the week.

The quote for this week is from Sarah Dessen’s Once and For All, it’s her new release and is absolutely adorable. Let me know what you need motivation for this week in the comments!

“It’s about the courage to go for what you want, not just what you think you need. Sometimes we don’t even know what that is.”

Monday Motivation: Rebel of the Sands

Isn’t this book absolutely gorgeous? I love the design and colors, I’m a little disappointed that they changed the covers for this series. The quote from this book is absolutely biting, it’s fierce and makes me feel like a badass woman who can do anything. Let me know what ya’ll are up to this week in the comments!

“She moved like a storm someone had given steel to.”

Monday Motivation: Summer Days and Summer Nights

It has finally warmed up here in Boston. I love the heat and can’t wait till I can make it to the beach. The quote for this week is from a short story anthology edited by Stephanie Perkins, this quote comes from her too, but it’s called Summer Days and Summer Nights: Twelve Love Stories and just seems like the perfect read for these long sunny days. It’s not super motivational or anything but I thought it sounded really sweet. Let me know what you have going on this week in the comments!

“Some of us wear our hearts. Some of us carry them.”

Monday Motivation: A Study in Charlotte

How are all of you? I can’t believe this month is almost over and that like it’s really summer. As of now (when this is being pre-written and scheduled) I don’t totally know what I’m doing with myself post-summer. My lease is up in like two months and then without a full-time job I guess I’m going home. Still not too stressed, I know sometimes it takes a while to get life together post-college. Let me know what you all need some motivation for this week in the comments!

“Truth be told, I liked that blurriness. That line where reality and fiction jutted up against each other.”

Monday Motivation: Love Letters To The Dead

The quote this week is from Ava Dellaira’s Love Letters To The Dead. I honestly haven’t read this yet so the quote is really intriguing me, also the cover is absolutely beautiful. I love the sunset image it has going on. Let me know what you need motivation for this week  in the comments!

“I think a lot of people want to be someone, but we are scared that if we try, we won’t be as good as everyone imagines we could be.”