My Winter Reading Recommendations

Hey ya’ll. So I got my first snowfall this weekend, which in my book means it’s officially winter. So to get in the mood, I’ve put together of my winter reading recs—books that just scream snow, and fireplaces, and hot chocolate to me. Let me know if you have any seasonal reads in the comments!

Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones

This book is just so haunting and beautiful. I felt transported when reading it. We’ve gotten a lot of retellings lately, but this one’s unique because it’s a retelling of Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market” poem. Part set in historic Germany—amid a chilling winter landscape—and part set in the mysterious Goblin kingdom, Wintersong is perfect for a snowy day. You can read my full review here.

Hunted by Meagan Spooner

This Beauty and the Beast retelling is everything you need this winter. The seasons are changing and winter is coming when Yeva must set out into the unknown woods after her father has disappeared half in a craze about a wild beast. Sans talking furniture, this retelling features a dilapidated old castle, a torn beast, and a heroine filled with fire and wanting. Read my full review here.

My True Love Gave to Me edited by Stephanie Perkins

This anthology screams the holidays. With twelve different short stories following twelve different love stories, this is the perfect short and sweet read. Like nothing will get you in the holiday spirit more.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

Okay, so I highly suggest reading this any time of year—especially since contemporaries usually are summer read for me. But this book includes adorable Christmas cookie baking and a dramatic holiday party. Like honestly, just go read it. And check out my full review here. Continue reading


Books on My Christmas List

Guys the holiday season is here! Okay, really I’ve been celebrating since November 1st, but so what. Despite hating the cold, this is one of my favorite times of year—giving gifts, the movies, music, décor, and just overall spirit. I know it’s also blogmas, and while I’m not going to be doing daily blogmas posts throughout December, keep your eyes open for some holiday themed ones.

Today I’m talking about books that are on my Christmas wish list. Pretty self-explanatory. I honestly don’t exchange presents with that many people—mom, dad, grandparents, boyfriend, and my friends do a secret Santa—so I don’t expect to really get any of these (because like no one from that list besides my boyfriend would probably get me a book). I’ll honestly probably do some post-Christmas self-gifting. Because treat yourself.

Anyway, let me know what books you’re hoping end up under your tree come the holidays!


Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

I love all of John Green’s other books and was super excited when I heard about this long-waited for new release. But you know just cause of money and a bunch of other release I’ve wanted I have yet to pick it up. Santa? Continue reading

Another Bookish Candle Haul

I went a bit crazy with Etsy and ordering bookish candles in October/November, so I’m back with another haul. I have four here that are all from Amy over @ SpideyScentsCandles. These were actually a super great deal, like super reasonable, and got here in a good amount of time—I wasn’t waiting ages for them to show up like some things on Etsy.

I will admit that when shopping for bookish candles I ususally buy by theme/character and not smell, which definitely happened here. Anyway, the scents I bought were Sassenach, Warner, Laia, and Kahlid. 

I absolutely adore this candle for so many reasons. It’s actually the first and only one I’ve burned and the scent is heavenly—red wine, amber, honeysuckle, and musk. It’s just strong enough that I know I’m burning a candle but not overwheming where I’m gonna get a headache.

I think this also has my favorite label. I love the like actual text box shape, more so than the others, and then the background of herbs and spices just fits the color of the candle and Claire—aka Sassenach from Outlander—so well.

I’ve so wanted a Warner candle, and this one is perfect. The mixture of bergamot, lavendar, sandlewood, and amber gives off a really fresh and clean scent; reminiscent of Warner’s soaps and absolutely delightful. The green color also looks super great on my shelf next to my Shatter Me books. Continue reading

The 2017 New Adult Reading Challenge: Update X

I’ve been doing the New Adult Reading Challenge hosted by Cátia over at The Girl Who Read Too Much since the beginning of the year. I am doing monthly updates in order to keep track of new adult books that I’ve read.

I’ve already earned the top NA Queen badge, so any NA I read for the rest of the year is not like to complete this challenge but just for fun really. I find NA addictive, like it’s so short and easy to read through and once I finish one book I just want to read another like it.  Leave any recs you have in the comments!

1-4. The Seraph Black series by Jane Washington

5-6. My Pack series books 1 & 2 by Lane Whitt

7. Gone for You by Jayne Frost

8-11. Hammered series by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliot Continue reading

6 Movie & TV Characters That Are My Writer Inspirations

I recently stumbled across a post that discussed small screen writer inspirations—basically TV characters that inspired them to be a writer. I LOVED that idea. Literary-minded characters are always some of my favorite as a writer and reader, so I thought I’d share my own list. I’ve included one or two movie (okay maybe book-adapted) characters as well! Let me know if you have any reader/writer pop-culture inspos as well in the comments!

Paris Geller from Gilmore Girls

I love Rory (she’s my favorite, don’t get me wrong), but growing up—even though I talk a mile a minute and basically am hooked up to a coffee IV—I’ve come to identify more with Paris. She has the same dreams of being a writer and reporter and takes literally no sass or excuses, Paris plows her way through to where she needs to be. I’ll admit, I typically like to be in control as well and see her focus and ambition in myself. It’s time we had more ambitious ladies out there in media without apologizing for them. Continue reading

My Bookish Merch Haul

I went a little overboard in October/early November with the online shopping. As you guys might know, I already did a bookish candle haul this month. And now I have more bookish items! I’ve been eyeing some stuff on Society6 for a while now and finally caved when there was a sale the other week. Check out all my reading and writing inspired items below!

First are these two beautiful notebooks I got. I just LOVE the designs. They both have a very clean feel, they’re not overcrowded, and kind of a watercolor-y look. Although I do think I’d prefer a notebook on a ring binding, just so I could turn the pages around and such. But the “Read More Books” print is from Stella Bookish Art and the “WRITE” design is from crisunplugged. I’m currently using the “Books” notebook as my blogging journal and the “WRITE” one is on hold to be my next novel notebook.

Continue reading

The Reputation Book Tag

I don’t know about y’all, but I was so ready for Taylor Swift’s Reputation to come out yesterday. Like desperate. I was a little worried about it because of some of the singles that came out, but it’s complete fire and I love it. I found this  Reputation book tag over at Mollie The Reader (who also created it) and was super excited and couldn’t resist. So in honor of this new album, check out the Reputation
book tag.

Track One: …Ready For It – a book that you are sooooo ready to read and need to read it ASAP?

I’m so ready to start Marissa Meyer’s Renegades. I went to the launch and got the book last week and just haven’t picked it up yet. It’s a bit of a chunker, but Marissa tells such great love stories and I can’t wait for the humor and tension of a hero and villain falling for each other.

Track Two: End Game – a book where your ship became endgame?

One of the couples I shipped the longest in terms of books before stuff finally went down is probably Percy and Annabeth from Percy Jackson. Like we basically go through the whole five book series before they really get together, then when they finally are dating  in Heros of Olympus, they are separated.

Track Three: I Did Something Bad – a character that did something bad but had no regrets?

This is Celeana from Throne of Glass’ theme song. I have no doubt. She takes down the people who have wronged her and who are evil with no regret, not if it will protect her country and the people that she loves.  Continue reading

Recent Bookish Events

Hey everyone! For those of you who don’t know, I live in Boston, which I absolutely adore. I grew up out in Western Mass which isn’t city at all, but you watch the Red Sox, head to Fenway, and make day trips up to Quincey Market.

But living here is completely different, I’m a little bit farther out in Brookline but you get that perfect city but not full city feel. Anyway, tangent–the point is I love Boston because it’s such a hub, which means we get lots of cool events including author visits.

This month alone I’ve had the opportunity to attend some pretty cool events and wanted to share them with y’all.

Marissa Meyer Renegades Launch 

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