My November Book Haul

Guys I thought I did really good with books this month, but then I rounded up everything for this haul and realized that was a lie—and I have a Book Outlet and Amazon order coming in…oops (but like Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals). Anyway, I doubt I’ll control myself in December either with more sales. Let me know what you hauled this month in the comments!

  1. Hunting Prince Dracula (Stalking Jack the Ripper #2) by Kerri Maniscalco
  2. Dividing Eden by Joelle Charbonneau
  3. Red Queen Collector’s Edition by Victoria Aveyard
  4. Renegades by Marissa Meyer

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My December TBR

We are so close to December, I can’t believe it. I know I’ve fallen a bit behind on my blogging and commenting and keeping up with everyone else this month, it’s just been tiring and busy, and I’ve had no motivation for anything other than coming home, plopping down on my bed, and reading. So I apologize for that and hope to catch up on what ya’ll have been doing and posting.

This time of the year is always the hardest for me, when it starts to get dark super early and it’s beyond cold. But, I’m trying to reset and get back to a healthy and balanced schedule in December.


1. Prince in Disguise by Stephanie Kate Strohm

I recently got approved for this eARC on NetGalley from Disney Book Group, so thanks for that. But honestly, this just sounds super cute and totally up my alley, I mean a light contemporary where a girl falls for a bookish Scottish royal. Like swoon. And it looks super cozy (I mean check out that cover), so I’m hoping it’ll be the perfect curl up with a blanket and coco read.

2. My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday Stories edited by Stephanie Perkins

I started this collection of short stories last holiday season, because well it’s festive, but never managed to finish it. Totally enjoyed it though and it got me in the holly jolly mood, so I’m excited to pick it up again.

3. Hunting Prince Dracula (Stalking Jack the Ripper #2) by Kerri Maniscalco

This just came in my mail the other day, and I’m beyond ready to read this after finishing Stalking Jack the Ripper. I just can’t wait to spend more time with these characters and go on another adventure.

4. Renegades by Marissa Meyer

Marissa is a queen. The Lunar Chronicles is one of my favorite series ever, and I still can’t believe I haven’t picked this up, since it’s been sitting on my shelf for the last couple weeks. It’s a chunker, so maybe while I’m home on Christmas break.

So that’s my tentative TBR for December. Let me know what you plan on reading in the comments!

My November TBR


Hey guys! I can’t believe tomorrow is November—also known as NaNoWriMo! I’m tentatively participating, which you know if you’ve checked out my NaNoWriMo post, but really this past month has flown by and I’ve had little to no time to think about planning and writing a novel. I’m still working on prep, and probably will be early into November, and I’m going to try to set a schedule to hit my goal of 20k for the month.

Even though I’ll be novel prepping and writing, I’ll still be blogging and reading. I have my fall TBR that I made still ongoing, but I’d like to add these three books to my list as well!

1. Avenged (Ruined #2) by Amy Tintera

I was really excited by the first book in this series and now that I have my hands on the second book I’m going to devour it as soon as possible.  Continue reading

My October Book Haul

I was like okay this month when it came to buying books. I don’t think I went terribly overboard, I had a BookOutlet order come in at the very beginning of the month, I got a couple of classics on sale at my local bookseller, and I ordered one book from Amazon. In total I got 12 books this October. I just might need to slow down still for the sake of my bookshelves, because even though I just go a third one, I’m already running out of space! Let me know what you hauled this month in the comments!

1. Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen
2. Emma  by Jane Austen
3. Northanger  Abbey by Jane Austen
4. Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll Continue reading

My (VERY LARGE) September Book Haul

This month’s haul is pretty huge. I tried to control myself like I have been for the past couple months, but I just couldn’t.  First, I went to the Boston Teen Author Festival this month—see my post about that event here—and picked up a ton of books so I could get them signed. Those are all in the first picture. Then I also made like a GIGANTIC Book Outlet order. All in all, I ended up with like 26 books this month. Which means my TBR has grown exponentially. Let me know what books you hauled this month in the comments, as well as any tricks you have for tackling your TBR.

1. The Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera
2. Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter
3. Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza
4. Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco
5. The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee
6. Windwitch (The Witchlands #2) by Susan Dennard
7. Geekerella by Ashley Poston Continue reading

My Fall TBR

Hey y’all! IT’S FALL (although you can’t tell from the weather here in Boston, it’s been hot and humid beyond belief)! I’m a summer girl without a doubt—I love the warm weather and just want to wear dresses and skirts all year round—but, there are parts about fall that I can’t resist, especially here in New England. Western Mass, my true home, is absolutely beautiful in the fall with all of the foliage and farm land, and I always make an effort to go back and pick apples and pumpkins and eat tons of cider doughnuts.

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of posts like this already, but I just wanted to put my two cents in, and show ya’ll what I want to read this fall, specifically books I feel like are going to be ‘fall’ books, if that makes sense. Let me know what’s on your TBR for the season!

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

These books are so beloved; they even made a movie (which I’ve yet to see). I can’t believe I haven’t read them yet, but they’re on my list—I even have the whole series on my shelf. I feel like it’s the cover that’s throwing me off and keeping me from starting, because it just looks so creepy and I don’t usually do creepy, but I mean October’s the time to do that right?

Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson

I don’t know a ton about this story, I believe it’s somewhat historical fiction and takes place during the gold rush, but it just looks like fall to me with the cover full of rich browns, yellows, and oranges.

Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman

This is another historical fiction I guess? It’s a western. Maybe there’s just something about historical fictions or fall for me, or like orange and yellow covers? This has been sitting on my shelf for over a year and I’m ready to read it, it also helps that the sequel just came out or is coming out or something like that. Continue reading

September TBR


August just totally flew by for me, but I actually did pretty good when it came to reading. This month I’m setting a reasonable goal of three books—I will definitely read more by my issue is usually sticking to my TBR if it’s too long. But also I first need to catch up on my reviews before going crazy with these.

1.The Raven King (The Raven Cycle #4) by Maggie Stiefvater

I am so hyped for the last book in this series. I need to continue. I really hope Blue and Gansey work out. I know that’s not like the main issue or plot of this story but I’m a romantic and really how the curse is going to work has kept me guessing. Continue reading

August Book Haul

I can’t believe August is already over, this feels too surreal, everything is going by so quick. I have been doing such an “eh” job blogging (as I’ve lamented), and this has been my slowest month in a while. Also, I literally had bought no books this month until this past weekend. But to be fair, two of them I bought used and the rest were on sale(ish). These are mostly not my typical buys, but they were there and are on my list. Let me know what you hauled this month in the comments!

  1. The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan
  2. The Elite (The Selection #2) by Kiera Cass

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