Review: Siobhan Vivian’s Stay Sweet

Title: Stay Sweet
Author: Siobhan Vivian
Young Adult Fiction, Contemporary
Publication Date: August 24, 2018
 Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers



I read this book a couple of weeks ago just before the Labor Day holiday here in U.S and let me just say that it was the perfect sort of end of summer read. True to its name, this is a sweet (and sometimes sticky) contemporary that melted my heart—get it, ice cream puns?

Essentially, Meade Creamery was founded back in the 1940s when Molly Meade started making ice cream to keep her and her girlfriends busy while their boyfriends and family members were off to war.

Now decades later, the ice cream stand is a town staple and the sisterhood is alive, with it being run by the “Meade Creamery” girls, aka the most coveted summer job ever, while old Molly Meade—who’s somewhat of a recluse— makes her special recipe ice cream in the nearby farmhouse.

This is Amelia’s summer, she’s worked there the past three summers with her best friend Cate, and this year she’s “Head Girl.”

All of this gets thrown into chaos when Molly Mead unexpectedly passes away before Amelia can even open for the summer. To make it more complicated, she’s given the stand to her grandnephew Grady, who has some changes in mind.

The premise for this was super sweet. I loved the idea of this old-school creamery where the girls where these bubblegum pink polos and have a sort of “code.” It’s that experience of friendship and freedom we all wanted at our summer jobs as teenagers.

Amelia is a total Type A, which I relate to, and really is holding onto this summer to avoid the change approaching her with college in the fall.

This creates a lot of conflict between her and Grady, Molly’s grandnephew who’s a business student in college. Grady is trying to be calculating to impress his father and wants to change a lot of what is sentimental to Amelia.

I enjoyed the interactions between these two, because as much as Amelia is Type A and not happy with his changes, she’s not super confrontational, she really gets pushed by her best friend Cate a lot (who doesn’t always have the best or honest intentions).

But then you start to see the layers pulled back on Grady and Amelia and his relationship starts to change, which causes her relationship with the fellow creamery girls to change as well.

It’s really the perfect recipe of a sweet contemporary with just the right amount of depth.

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