Make Me Read It Readathon

I’ve never done this readathon, only have seen it around, but it sounded like a good way to make myself pick up a book from myself that I might not have otherwise.

The readathon is hosted by Ely @ Tea & Titles and Val @ The Innocent Smiley. Basically, I post a bunch of books with a poll and ya’ll get to vote for what I read! The readathon will be running from August 6th through to August 13th. You can start reading as soon as it hits 12AM in your timezone.



  • You can select ONLY ONE BOOK. I know that is difficult (and slightly evil) but that’s how it’s going to be.
  • I’m going to try to read the top three books for the readathon (possibly more if I complete those).
  • I’ll update you on the winning books when the readathon starts!
let me know if y’all are participating in the readathon and what’s on your list in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Make Me Read It Readathon

    • lindsey @ paradisbooks says:

      I’ve heard good things about My Lady Jane as well! I think all of these are supposed to be great, something has just been holding me back with picking them up. Really trying to dwindle down the amount of unread books on my shelves before I go crazy buying more.


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