Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Side Ships

Top Five Wednesdays started on Goodreads back in 2013. At the beginning of every month Sam from ThoughtsOnTomes posts a topic for each Wednesday and bloggers, vloggers and overall book fans are encouraged to respond with their top five.

This week is top five favorite side ships! I had a bit of trouble with this so let me know what ships you jumped on the comments!

1. Lysandra and Aedion in The Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas

I love the relationship between these two, especially when they’re being witty and have that back-and-forth going on. And Aedion’s declaration in the last book, he is so sweet.

2. Nesta and Cassian in The Court of Thorns and Roses Series by Sarah J. Maas

Sarah J. Maas is just a queen at creating these awesome groups of characters/friends and then having relationships mixed within. There were hints of this relationship in A Court of Mist and Fury, and then to see the wanting from Cassian’s side and then Nesta’s concern in A Court of Wings and Ruin was lovely. They aren’t always the nicest to each other, but they definitely care.

3. Aspen and Lucy in The Selection Series by Kiera Cass

I am really happy with this pairing, especially because I am team Maxon. Lucy is such a sweet character and after her hard life with being sold into being a maid, I think Aspen—someone who is strong, loyal, dependable—is exactly what she needs.

4. Despina and Jalal in The Wrath and the Dawn Series by Renee Ahdieh

These two refused to admit their feelings—and on Despina’s side, her pregnancy. I can’t remember exactly how much was revealed in the last book, but I really hope that they worked everything out, especially with everything Despina went through and with her true identity.

5. Manon and Dorian in The Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas

I loved loved loved Dorian in Throne of Glass. But I was also super okay with him not being the one for Celaena. I still wanted him to be happy though, and think Manon is perfect. She is so not a typical girl—in big part because she is a witch—and has no problem being vicious and rough with him.

what are your favorite side ships? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Side Ships

  1. Swetlana says:

    I love Cassian and Nesta so much! And I love them even more because it’s a bit of a hate to love type of stories and those really are my favorite! I love seeing characters go from not liking each other to loving each other and Cassian and Nesta definitely have SO much potential and I want to see so much more of them! I am also secretly hoping that they’ll get their own book next! I love Cassian and want more of him and his story!


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