Review: Cindy Anstey’s Love, Lies and Spies

Title: Love, Lies and Spies
Author: Cindy Anstey
Young Adult Fiction, Historical Fiction
Publication Date: April 19, 2016
 Swoon Reads

I honestly didn’t expect too much from this book, it just sounded like a light read and honestly I just needed a break from series. The premise is, our main character Juliana isn’t your typical 19th century lady, instead she’s more interested in being a natural scientist. Then there is Spencer, not your average gentlemen. He’s actually a spy for the English against the French. Their paths cross and since they enjoy each other’s company, they decide to fake court for the season so they can both focus on their respective interests.

It took me a little while to slip into the story. We start at the right place I believe, but my conceptions were a little different and that left me confused—essentially for some reason I thought Juliana was a spy as well. Totally not true. Adjusting to the like time period, society, and language kind of also got me off to a slow start.

It does pick up though. Quickly you are set in Juliana and Spencer’s world and learn about their backstory and those around them. I really enjoyed Juliana’s inner monologue. She is currently residing with her aunt, cousin, as well as some other ladies. They’re about to set off to the city for the season, where the girls are hoping to find husbands. This isn’t really Juliana’s goal and she’s very different from the ladies around her and doesn’t really adhere to society rules. I like these type of female characters, it really makes me root for her.

I like Spencer, he’s kind of your typical dude though. There’s nothing super special about him, where he does shine though is his interactions with Juliana. He is sweet, caring, considerate, and witty all at the same time. Their conversations are intelligent and witty.

Overall this was a fun read, perfect for a relaxing day or sitting on the beach. Perfect for light historical fiction and contemporary fans alike. Love, Lies and Spies is available on Amazon.

let me know what you think of Love, Lies and spies in the comments and leave a rec for my next read!

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