My Bookish Graduation Cap

I have mentionied it a ton, so ya’ll probably know, I graduated college last weekend! I wanted to show you all what my grad cap looked like. It took me a while to figure out how to decorate it. I’m not the most artistic, I was really just looking for something cute but that was mostly cut and stick. I found my answer on PinterestPeter Pan is one of my favorite books, and I decided to do a design from the movie with a quote. Sadly, the quote is also from the movie and not a book—but it’s what ended up working best. I hope ya’ll like it!

I essentially bought a roll of blue sparkly wrapping papper, cut that to t he cap. Then I printed and cut out pictures of Big Ben, Peter, and the Darlings. I had to glue gun those on becuase nothing really sticks to the glitter paper. I had to do the same to the sticky letters and the stars. Glue gunning the letters was such a challenge.

“Everything ends and so our story begins.”

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