Review: Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Wings and Ruin

Title: A Court of Wings and Ruin
Series: A Court of Thorns of Roses
Author: Sarah J. Maas
New Adult Fiction, Fantasy
Publication Date: May 2nd, 2017
 Bloomsbury USA Childrens

A Court of Wings and Ruin is the third book in the ACOTAR series, don’t read this if you haven’t read the first two books—which you can read my reviews for here and here—because it will contain spoilers.

Ahh! I was literally dying to read this book. I even pre-ordered it! I’ve never pre-ordered a book. But alas, when it arrived I was still working on this for finals. I had to exert supreme willpower not to even read like a chapter on a break, because I knew once I started I wouldn’t put it down.

And I was right. Once my work was done, I started A Court of Wings and Ruin and just read it straight through. I’m sorry, this is probably a bit rambly and not my most articulate review, I’m trying to stay spoiler free and really there is just so much to talk about.

Like always, Sarah J. Maas’ writing is beautiful, and I love being in Feyre’s head. I guess some people kind of freaked out because the book was teased with a chapter titled Feyre’s POV—so they thought they were getting alternating with Rhys’.  We do, but like for only two chapters so not that exciting.

I found ACOWAR to be paced really well. One of my worries was that this is the last book, and I didn’t want to spend too much time in the Spring Court with Feyre and Rhysand apart. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen. That and none of the events really bothered me. You know, sometimes—especially in the end book leading up to the big fight—certain things are thrown out there just to add drama or complication. Or they just seem ridiculous. And your like, ‘come on.’ Each step in ACOWAR felt right, the way everything progressed felt right, nothing really put me off.

I actually ended up loving Feyre’s time in the Spring Court, she became such a bad ass in ACOMAF as she learned to fight and found people she was willing to fight for. Feyre is so strategic and manipulative in the Spring Court, being patient in order to seek vengeance on all of those that wronged her and really take the court down from within. I loved it!

Like I can’t gush about Feyre enough.

I will admit though, I was a little upset that we got like zero Rhys during the Spring Court section. Like they have the bond, and I know she is afraid of like people being able to smell the whole mating bond thing on her if they use it, but she doesn’t know if that’s true, she could ask Rhys, so then they could at least have some cute telepathic banter while she’s away. Okay so that was just me venting about how much I love their banter.

As it was teased—at least I think this was teased, maybe it was people just hoping—the Spring and Night Courts aren’t the only courts we see this time around. Location-wise, I think we see at least three other courts. The expanding of the world was great, and each court was described so breathtakingly. Like Sarah really put thought and detail into the visual of each. It makes me want her to just keep going with this world and write books that take place in all the other courts as well. Then, we are also more thoroughly acquainted with the rest of the High Lords.

Lucien’s dad—I honestly can’t even be bothered to remember his name—who is the High Lord of the Autumn Court, is obviously a total ass, we already know this. I really just wanted Tarquin—our Summer High Lord from ACOMAF—to forgive the Night Court, so they can all be best friends and get rid of the fae class system.

Then there was Helion, the High Lord of the Day Court, I don’t believe we had encountered him in the other books. I liked him, he puts on kind of a façade as well—but underneath it I could see him becoming a friend (if he isn’t already one) to the Night Court. Plus, he has an interesting and kind of revealing backstory.

Oh, and Viviane! She is Kallias’—the High Lord of Winter Court—wife. She is actually already friends with Mor, so obviously she is nice, fun, and spunky. She was present in some moments really filled with tension and she just kind of broke the ice. She didn’t have a lot of page time, but I’m mentioning her because she was a pleasant surprise of a character.

I’m kind of jumping around here, but Lucien in this book guys. I think all of us were disappointed with him in ACOMAF, because he knew what was going on but didn’t really do anything. But here we have a sort of tentative friendship developing between him and Feyre—even though she is kind of being manipulative. I think it was really well done. Also, he is so focused on and really precious about the whole thing of finding his mate—Elain, Feyre’s sister, if you forgot.

Speaking of the sisters, what happened to them is obviously real messed up—with the Cauldron and becoming fae and all that. But, it honestly made for such a great aspect of the book. Not only has being ‘made’ given them like unique abilities, but just the way they’re both emotionally effected and the dynamic between the three sisters adds a whole other layer. Like Nesta gets even more fiery and sassy, and Elain is kind of just broken. And there are like the different romantic relationships hinted at in ACOMAF to keep us eager and add tension.

I don’t want to get too much into the Night Court Crew, because that could spoil some info we were unsure about at the end of the last book, but Rhys! I want my own High Lord of the Night Court. He is just as beautiful and bae-worthy as ever. Like he is just perfect, and sweet, and so fierce. I love how he is super protective of Feyre, but understands that he can’t stop her from doing anything. Like it has to kill him that she is there in the Spring Court, but he lets her do her bad ass thing.

I honestly don’t know where else to go with this. ACOWAR was definitely my most anticipated read of the year, and it lived up to expectations. Just writing this review like a week later I am now thinking about going back and rereading it like asap. These characters are just so precious. And Feyre and Rhysand will always be my OTP. I’m thinking of doing just like a discussion/gushing post maybe within the week because there was just so much I couldn’t talk about here without spoilers, and I really do want to talk to someone (you all) about them. So keep your eyes out for that!

ACOWAR is available on Amazon and you can find the author at

Let me know what you thought of ACOWAR in the comments!

One thought on “Review: Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Wings and Ruin

  1. ashley says:

    I haven’t read the series at all, I’m not going to. I’ve had people point out some really problematic things. I’m glad you were able to enjoy the series though.


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