Monday Motivation: The Forbidden Wish

I have a couple final papers due this week—which after my thesis feel like nothing—and then I’m done with college! I’m gonna be honest though, I’ve always been a school person so this is like maybe a little bit less exciting for me—especially because I don’t really have post-grad plans yet. But yeah, this week is the beginning of the end. Wish me luck with the future y’all and good luck with your own challenges this week! This quote is from Jessica Khoury’s captivating retelling The Forbidden Wish—which I recently reviewed and you can read my review for here.

“You can’t choose what happens to you, but you can choose who you become because of it.”


8 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: The Forbidden Wish

  1. simply0strange says:

    Great quote for the coming end of the semester! Wow.
    I feel you about ending school…. I still have a year left before I get my Master’s Degree, but it feel likes it will end so soon. I’m trying to figure out my end goals now, so I won’t feel so anxious about the uncertain future– aka finally being out of school.

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