Review: Raye Wagner’s Splintered Souls Novella

Title: Splintered Souls
Series: A Runes Universe Story
Author: Raye Wagner
Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Mythology
Publication Date: April 18, 2017
Amazon Digital Services

I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion of the book, or the content of my review.

Raye’s The Sphinx series is like one of my favorites. I adore the mythology of it. This novella is a bit different because it is part of a different universe—I belive it belongs to Ednah Walter’s Runes world. But it still fits really well into the genre of Raye’s other stories. And I think if you enjoy those you’ll enjoy this.

Aricela Topaz has had a hard life sold into prostitution and other horrors by her brother and boyfriend. But then she is offered the opportunity of another life—to be a Valkyrie, charged to take the souls of fallen warriors and athletes to Valhalla. But recently she has been failing in her duties, unwilling to connect with the souls she will connect, and has one more opportunity to prove herself. Accept she gets a little too close to the boy that she will end up having to escort after his death.

I liked this. It was a quick short read that once again kind of toes the contemporary world and a mythic one. Raye’s writing like always really takes command of these myths and stories and really adapts them to this crossworld. She does a really great job getting into Aricela’s head. 

Aricela is an interesting character. She has gone through a lot and is really tough and closed off, which made it even more sweet and beautiful when she started to open up to a select group of people while she’s waiting for her mission. I loved the dynamic between her and that group—Kai, Chase, and Nysse.

I did feel like her back story is a little dramatic though and maybe not fully fleshed out. I know stuff like that does happen so it is believable but she just didn’t seem to reel in the horror I feel like someone who went through that would.

I also felt the romance was a little much, and that’s the reason the rating is knocked down a bit more. Maybe the whole intstant-love soul mates thing is a convention of this pre-established would but it felt a little insta-lovey and rushed to me. And I know it is a novella and has less time but the romance in Raye’s other books is just so well crafted that it’s hard not to compare.

Overall, a short read that easily transports you to a fun mythical world. You can find Splintered Souls on Amazon and the author at at

let me know what you think of Splintered Souls in the comments! and leave a rec for my next read!

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