This or That Thursday: Challenge #87 Bookstore Buying

Every week the Bookmark Chronicles poses a bookish question. If you want to check out the challenge click the link.

THIS WEEK IS:When you’re in a book store how do you decide which book(s) you will buy?
Like will you: Know what you’ll buy before you get there; Bring (a portion of) your TBR and narrow it down; Pick the cheapest ones so you can buy the most with the money you have on you; Buy the ones written by authors you know you like;Pick the pretty covers; Browse and read the descriptions; Look up their Goodreads rating; or anything else?

This is a bit tricky for me. I buy a lot of my books online. I don’t often buy books a physical store. It honestly is just a price thing. Amazon is evil and all that but I wouldn’t be able to buy the amount of books that I do if I was paying $17 for a hardback. That being said, I do occasionally buy at a bookstore, there are just too many good ones near me not to and sometimes I have impulses.

If I do plan on buying something at bookstore I usually go in having like two or three titles in mind that I want. I might only get one, but if I am spending full price probably I want to make sure I am getting something I know I will probably like versus a random cover buy.

That being said, a local bookstore near me does have a discounted section that rotates books in as well as a used section. I am a little bit less stingy when it comes to that because I know it isn’t going to break the bank. When I buy used or discounted it is a bit more spontaneous and based off like cover, author, and just general vibe from the description.

let me know your book buying habits IN THE COMMENTS!

7 thoughts on “This or That Thursday: Challenge #87 Bookstore Buying

  1. Bentley ★ says:

    I have a discount membership at a local bookstore and ever since I got it, I spend way too much on books haha. I did the membership thing to save money, but now I swear I just buy more to make up the difference. I think Mr. Bastion doesn’t enjoy that so much. I’ve tried cutting back recently though, and now I pretty much am only buying Kindle daily deals that catch my eye until my physical TBR list gets cut down a bit.

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  2. simply0strange says:

    Do you ever try used bookstores? I use Amazon and Barnes and Nobles often, although I might look at Book Depository too since I’ve heard good things, but back when I bought TONS of books more of my UF and PNR, I would visit used bookstores and try to find decent looking copies of what I knew I wanted.
    Since I’m reading more and more, I think I might check out all the places near me and see what the scene looks like now ^_^

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  3. Chelsea says:

    I tend to buy online as well, also for price reasons. I’m much more likely to browse the bookstore shelves, take note of any interesting titles or covers, and buy online or put them on hold at the library. I’m very lucky to live in a city with a great public library system and a branch nearby, so I tend to get a lot of my reads from the library and only buy the new books in a series I know I love and can’t wait for, or “keeper copies” of books I’ve already read but that I love enough to have on my shelf and possibly re-read. I have a good used bookstore that I check every month or two as well.

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