Life Update (Appology): Thesis, Job Hunt & Graduation

This is a bit of a life update and apology. I have been pretty absent from here—I know I have been posting a little, albeit less frequent than usual, but I also have been pretty withdrawn when it comes to leaving comments on all of your amazing posts and responding to comments.

I have just been in one of those times when I don’t really have that much time for blogging or being part of this community. And when I do have time I have just felt the need to take a break. I am trying to get myself back into it, so don’t be creeped out if I end up liking and commenting on your post from a week or two ago—I want to catch up on everyone.

Really what it boils down to is this is the home stretch of my last semester of college and things are piling up. I am just gonna give you a run down of what I got going on. First there is my senior creative thesis. I am going to graduate with my BFA in Writing, Literature & Publishing. To do so, I have to write a minimum 45-page creative thesis. I am in my editing stage now, it is essentially a collection of short stories. I one day want to write a novel—and starting that was an option for this thesis—but the short stories seemed more achievable.

I am also looking for jobs. I am graduating and currently applying for like any writing, publishing, editing, or marketing job in the New England and New York area—if you peeps know of anything let me know! But essentially looking, writing cover letters, and applying and all that takes a lot of time.

And then there is just general graduation, which I am terrified of. If any grads/actual adults compared to myself who never feels like an adult have some advice let me know in the comments!

I guess that’s it! Let me know what’s going on with you all as well!

6 thoughts on “Life Update (Appology): Thesis, Job Hunt & Graduation

  1. Nova says:

    Oh man, I remember that fun time. The stress is real.

    I graduated about two years ago now, but I unfortunately haven’t managed to find a job in my area and ended up teaching. I live in Florida, however, so you may have more luck! If not, you just have to keep searching, from what I’ve been told. Waiting and persistence is key, apparently, and also the worst part of it all. Graduating was the easy part! Hopefully the parts that follow will be for you, too.

    Good luck with it all, and take care of yourself!

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  2. Jess (beaucoupbooks) says:

    I’ve been there, the stress was insane!! No way could I juggle having a blog alongside it.Good luck with the remainder of your studies.

    As for advice, I still don’t have a job so it’s probably not my place to dish it out (jobs in my area are a joke) but internships/experience is suuuuper important in our field of publishing/marketing, etc.

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  3. Marnie says:

    I’ve been slightly the opposite, I managed to obtain a marketing graduate job straight away and i’m like wooooah… adult like straight away. It is a lot to take on, but this is what you’ve studied for – so it is something you’re/ I am passionate about so it is worth it! Need to remember at times when things feel overwhelming, there have been many others like you in the same situation!:)

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