Review: Gena Showalter’s Lifeblood

Title: Lifeblood
Series: Everlife
Gena Showalter
Young Adult Fiction, Dystopian
Publication Date: February 28, 2017
 Harlequin Teen

I received this book for free  in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Lifeblood is the second book in this series, to avoid spoilers I suggest first reading the first book—which you can read my review for here.

I started this book the second I put down Firstlife. So much happened at the end of the last book—Archer died, Ten pledged Troikan, Ten died, Killian fought his own people, Killian and Ten are separated, and they’re light and dark so it hurts for their souls to touch. Oh, and now Ten is supposed to go to Troika and be a Conduit and save them all. No big deal, right? Like I said, a lot of stuff.

Lifeblood picks up directly where the first book left off. Ten, even though she finally picked Troika, ends up feeling pretty isolated. Archer is dead and a lot of people know how she defended Killian and blame her for their loses in that fight.

I loved that just because people tell her she’s the Conduit doesn’t mean she believes them right away. She just doesn’t accept that she’s this chosen one. And even though she is Troikan now and is supposed to be all about forgiveness, sometimes it takes her a moment to reflect. Forgiveness isn’t always easy.

Then there is how she defends Killian against anything and anyone. And he of course does the same for her. Ah love. Makes me swoon.

Talking about Killian, his intentions get a bit sketchy, but he tells Ten to trust him no matter how bad things get, so we as readers kind of have to do the same. But damn, some of his email coms are manipulating. I think over the course of this relationship with Ten, we’ve seen Killian open up and becomes more vulnerable, even realizing maybe Myriad isn’t so great.

Their relationship is still total swoon. I mean like he calls her lass. I can’t handle it.

While a lot of the secondary characters in the first book were crappy people, we actually get some good ones here. We are in Troika: so obviously people are pretty nice. Ten actually has some family on her mom’s side that shows up. There is her friend Clay from the last book, as well as the two kids she saved from Many Ends. And her baby brother! Like I said, a lot of kind, fun, supportive secondary characters this time around.

Not gonna lie, the Myriads get even dirtier in this book. They still definitely want Ten in some way or form. And while I agree with her pick of Troika, there are some iffy things going on there as well with people being a little rude, a problem with the princess, and a potential spy. This really takes a bunch of twists and turns to things I haven’t even figured out yet.

I will say being inside Troika was pretty cool and this whole new addition to Showalter’s already amazing world. Everyone has these coms I talked about built into them, there are gates that can bend time/space or something to transport and let you in different sectors, this grid that connects everyone mentally. Then there is just the general layout and building descriptions. It was all just beautiful and beautifully described.

Lifeblood is available on Amazon and the author can be found at


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