Monday Motivation: The Spectacular Now

This week’s quote is from Tim Tharp’s The Spectacular Now. I haven’t actually read this book yet (although I want to). But I have seen the movie and really enjoyed it, but I’m also a fan of Shailene Woodly and Miles Teller. Also, I don’t normally like movie tie-in covers, but this one I actually think is pretty nice. Let me know what you have going on this week in the comments!

the spectacular now

“Life is spectacular. Forget the dark things. Take a drink and let time wash them away to where ever time washes away to.”


3 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: The Spectacular Now

  1. The Biblio-Princess says:

    I haven’t read this book either, but I love that quote you added. Great for Monday because it reminds you to just slow down and take life as it is 🙂 Thanks for sharing! I just got back to college from spring break and really need the extra motivation.

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