This or That Thursday: Challenge #83 Buying Books

So every week Rae from the Bookmark Chronicles poses a bookish question. If you want to check out the challenge click the link.

THIS WEEK IS:Where do you get most of your books from? Physical bookstores – Online – Secondhand book sales – Gifts – Book subscription boxes

I buy a lot of my books online.

I love BookOutlet. It is my go-to book buying site. I first discovered the site at the beginning of last year—the start of my blogging journey. I have been ordering from there regularly ever since.

If you don’t know what BookOutlet is—like go check it out now. It sells hardcover and paperback books at fifty to ninety percent off the original list price. The books are marked with a small dot or line on the edge of the book to mark that it’s return or excess inventory from a publisher. The only two downsides: you have to pay shipping and it doesn’t have every book.

Finding the site has just really ramped up my book buying.

I also order on Amazon—mostly for newer releases. I know it is bad for authors and the publishing industry and all of that, but it is usually like ten dollars cheaper than buying a book at a store and I’m a poor college student—soon to be unemployed college graduate.

where do you get most of your books? LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS!

4 thoughts on “This or That Thursday: Challenge #83 Buying Books

  1. ★ Bentley ★ says:

    I mostly buy in a physical bookstore – the only within a 15 minute drive from my house. Although I’ve found that this particular store only carries Mass Market paperback versions of fantasy novels in store for some strange reason, so I’ve taken to ordering off their website for full-sized trade paperbacks. I just can’t deal with MMP. The font is too small for me!


  2. A Ginger Against Extinction says:

    BookOutlet sounds like a dream… pity it is US-based! Totally understand the internal struggle between online vs. helping bookshops and the differences in costs. May write a blog post myself on this as I have many thoughts, haha! Best thing to do is buy from wherever gets you reading most! 🙂


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