Review: Amy Sparling’s Ella’s Twisted Senior Year

Title: Ella’s Twisted Senior Year
Author: Amy Sparling
Young Adult Fiction, Contemporary
Publication Date: May 31, 2016



Ella has spent most of her life living under the radar, that is until a tornado rips through and destroys her home. Now everyone at school pities her. To make matters worse, her parents decide to temporarily stay at the neighbors.

And the neighbor boy—Ethan—is her former best-friend/crush turned enemy. She’s been avoiding him for years. But that becomes very hard when he is living right down the hall.

I think the pacing in this book worked out really well. I’m glad we didn’t spend the whole time with them living together but hating each other. I also liked the duel point-of-view. It was especially helpful in getting to know some things from the beginning that make the story complete and that maybe the other characters don’t know. It is a very quick read, a light and fun contemporary that only takes a couple hours.

Ella is really sweet. Obviously she is going through tough stuff with her house being destroyed, but she was very mature about it and the money situation. She knew her parents were trying the best they could. I thought her interest in baking was interesting, but wish it was explored a bit more. It is a unique aspect of her personality that was mentioned, but not really shown more. 

Ethan is also pretty mature as far as teenage boys go. He has become this popular sports guy. But he doesn’t really have that personality. I liked his little entrepreneur tee-shirt business he has going on. I thought that was a unique aspect to the story, and like with the baking I wish this passion for art was explored a little bit more.

Obviously the two together were really cute. They have a history as childhood best friends so that made the relationship between them feel really easy and natural. Still, I felt like a lot of it just added the physical to the relationship. I wanted to see them interact more without that type of stuff. I mean there is that initial connection because they were best friends, but that was still a while ago. There has to be some new things for them to learn about each other.

The drama in this stuff is pretty mild. I think a lot of time in young adult contemporaries, it can seem ridiculous or just so out of the realm of possibilities. But, in the case of this story I wasn’t off put by anything that goes down.

Overall, this is probably my favorite Amy Sparling read to date. You can find Ella’s Twisted Senior Year on Amazon and the author at


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