Review: Emily McKay’s Weddings, Crushes, and Other Dramas

weddingsTitle: Weddings, Crushes, and Other Dramas
Series: Creative HeArts #6, Willa & Finn #2
Author: Emily McKay
Young Adult Fiction, Contemporary
Publication Date: February 13th, 2017
Entangled: Crush


I received this book for free from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion of the book, or the content of my review.

Willa is happy to be the maid of honor in her dad’s upcoming wedding to uber-celeb Mia McCain. She’s not as excited about her infuriating and gorgeous step-brother Finn McCain being the best man. Willa finds it harder and harder to ignore the attraction between them that only seems to grow the more they’re together. But Finn’s feelings for her can’t be real right? Wrong.

Finn has never felt anything more real than what’s going on between him and Willa. And he’s determined to prove that to her, despite those in their way.

So this is part of kind of like two different series. Overall, the Creative HeArts series, and then more specifically the Willa & Finn series, in  which this is book two. I didn’t know this was the second book until after I requested it from Netgalley. Oops. I will say though, that I actaully don’t think you need to read any of the Creative HeArts books to get whats going on here or even read the first Willa & Finn book. Everything still worked for me and made sense. This can definitely work as a standalone. Yes, you’ll get more of the beginning of the relationship or story if you read the first Willa book, but where we pick up is also a fine point.

This book alternates pov between Will and Finn. I’m totally fine with dual pov, but what I thought was weird was that Willa’s chapters were in first person and Finn’s were in third. I would’ve just rather had it stay all in a first person perspective.

I liked Willa. She’s smart, a bit nerdy, strong and sassy. She doesn’t really back down from who she is. Yes, she’s a little insecure and doesn’t always make the best life choices, but she’s a teenager and this is a contemporary so realistic. I liked how loyal and friendship based she was. But this extends to her dad and step-mom as well, even though they’re not all on the best terms. 

Finn was also pretty likable to me, even though Willa saw him as a jerk sometimes. He’s obviously spent time thinking about Willa and the possibility of a relationship, or if they could even have a relationship with there soon to be step-sibling status. But also she has a boyfriend. He does a pretty good job of the typical boy move of pushing her away. In terms of his good qualities though, he really likes Willa and has taken the time to get to know her personality, moods, and just the little important things. I thought it was cute. Willa calls him Darcy-esque and it’s pretty on point.

I’m going to put it out there that I’m not usually into the step sibling romances, but honestly this book did it in a cute totally appropriate way. I mean they’re teenagers when they first meet , like older teenagers, and like they didn’t grow up together so it’s not like they really see each other as siblings or have that type of feelings toward each other. Other people don’t really see them as siblings either I feel like since this is happening so late in their life.

I liked that Willa had a boyfriend though. It added a whole other layer of complication beyond the step siding thing.

The parents bothered me, just like in a lot of ya novels they’re so out of the loop. I’m not like putting this as a bad thing on the author because they seem like the type of character she was going for, I’m just more so expressing my frustration with the adults as characters and how they acted if that makes sense.

Overall, it was a fun and quick contemporary. I haven’t read much in the genre like it subject matter wise, with the whole famous step-mom and step-brother romance. It’s not like a die hard favorite, make you feel, life changing contemporary or anything, but it was fluffy and light. Nothing too heavy, the perfect way to relax on a Monday night for me really. You can find the book on Amazon.


One thought on “Review: Emily McKay’s Weddings, Crushes, and Other Dramas

  1. Poulami @ Daydreaming Books says:

    This book was okay for me but I really loved the first book about Willa and Finn, comparison to that this book felt a bit lacking in everything. Nonetheless, I’m glad you enjoyed it despite some of the factors. Great review.


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