My Bookshelf Tour Version 2

bookshelf tour

I did a bookshelf tour back in September when I moved into my apartment and got my first proper bookshelf—you can check that out here. Anyway, a lot has changed since September, mainly I got a lot of more books forcing me to get another shelf and change my organizing system. So, I thought  I’d do another little tour to show you all an updated version.

This is my top shelf in my big bookshelf. It is strictly contemporary with authors that I have multiple books by. And this continues into my second shelf. The second and third shelf then just are random contemporaries that are simply organized by what looks nice.




Okay, so these are my series shelves. They’re not broken down into specific genre—other than it’s not contemporary—but is more so just series that I have multiple books of organized by what looks pretty.




This is start of my second bookshelf. It’s the same height as the first one, but like half the size width-wise. The first two shelves are basically series books that are all by themselves, I don’t have more than one in the series.



This is what I call my Alice shelf, obviously because it has a lot of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland copies. But it has some other classics as well.


This is my Jane Austen shelf. I’m looking to get some nicer editors, because as of now all I have are the like Barnes & Noble classic versions that I got because they were cheap.


And lastly, this is like my miscellaneous shelf that houses all my other books plus my school books. They actually match pretty well, there’s like a red, white, and black motif going on.


I know this is a long post with all the pictures so thanks for sticking with me! let me know what you think of my shelves in the comments!

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