Top 5 Wednesday: Non-Book Favorites


Top Five Wednesdays started on Goodreads back in 2013. At the beginning of every month Sam from ThoughtsOnTomes posts a topic for each Wednesday and bloggers, vloggers and overall book fans are encouraged to respond with their top five.

This week is the top five favorites that aren’t books. I’m into a lot of different forms of entertainment and media so I’m going to tackle talking about some of those. And then there are a few lifestyle favorites I’ve thrown in there.


I’m honestly a bit of a television junkie. Like I can sit and watch so much tv. I’ve split my favorite shows into two different categories, “all time” and “at the moment.” All time are series that I’ve finished and know I’ll forever love, versus at the moment are ones I’m really digging that I’m currently watching.

1. Friday Night Lights – ALL TIME

This I think is my favorite television show ever. I’m not a football person, but I fell in love with the Dillion Panther’s team, the players, and of course Coach Eric Taylor. This show just makes you feel everything. IT IS SO GOOD.

2. Gilmore Girls – ALL TIME

I like to think because I drink lots of coffee and talk really fast that I am a Gilmore girl. I will admit that I haven’t watched the last episode of the revival though because I’ve heard not so great things.

3. New Girl – AT THE MOMENT

I started New Girl  within the last year or so, my boyfriend and I Netflixed it and now we watch it live since we’ve caught up season wise. This show is so funny, and I just love the group. It makes me feel awkward sometimes, but I just power through it.

4. The 100 – AT THE MOMENT

I’m really excited that the fourth season of this show starts like today. It’s based on a young adult like dystopian/sci-fi series, honestly I think he show is a lot better. And it’s pretty different. Get past the first season, the first season is mediocre compared to the rest. But still so good, the delinquents are my baby and Clarke/Bellamy is probably my most die-hard ship.


Okay I know I said I’m a television junkie, but like same for movies. I just have an entertainment problem.

1. Clueless

A) This is a take on Jane Austen’s Emma, so that’s like a bunch of points in this movies favor. But also it’s in the nineties, and the outfits, and the slang, and I AM CHER.

2. The Princess Bride

“ASSSS YOU WISSSHHH!” If you haven’t watched The Princess Bride, I don’t know what you’ve been doing with your life. Yes, the effects are a little cheesy and old but that’s part of the charm. Literally a movie with everything—action, true love, revenge, giants, pirates, swordplay, EVERYTHING—it’s just perfect. The dialogue is iconic.


1. Anything country basically

I love country music. I have for a while, even though people gave me a little bit of crap about it growing up because I’m from Massachusetts and they just thought it was strange I guess.

2. The Lumineers’ Pandora station

I really enjoy The Lumineers as a group, but like their Pandora station is my go to for basically everything. Listening to it is the only way I can get anything done.

3. Hamilton soundtrack

I’ve gotten sooooooo into Hamilton recently. There are no words for how good the songs are. I know you might not think it’s your thing, I didn’t think so either, but please just listen to it all the way through.

4. The Maine

This is a band I’ve been into for a while. I’m going to call their style like alternative. I don’t know exactly. They’ve developed a lot and have changed their sound, their last album has been one of my favorites, which is why I’m very excited for their new one.


1. Benefit cosmetics

I’ve recently like have like put effort into buying some quality makeup and in like learning how to apply it correctly. I went to Ultra and worked with someone there to figure out what kind of face makeup I’d want. I ended up getting a lot of face products from Benefit, and so far I really like them. I think I’m going to stick with them

2. Anne Taylor, LOFT & Banana Republic

These are like my go-to clothing brands. Will clarify that I only buy stuff on sale and like at the outlet stores, that’s like the only way I can afford more than one item.

3. Dunkin

Yes I drink Starbucks, but I’m a New Englander and an iced coffee person before all and thus will always be a Dunkin girl.

give a shout out to some of your favorites in the comments! i look forward to seeing what you all love!

9 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Non-Book Favorites

  1. Bookish Matters says:

    Friday Night Lights and Gilmore Girls are also my favorite TV Series of all time. I have completed both those series a few times and love them! Game of Thrones is another favorite of all time. My favorite two movies are Midnight in Paris and Practical Magic. I am currently obsessed and have been since released, Lemonade by Beyonce. I am Canadian and always shop at Hudson’s Bay. 😊


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