This or That Thursday: New or Used?

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So every week Rae from the Bookmark Chronicles poses a bookish question. If you want to check out the challenge click the link. I plan on posting a response on Thursday.

THIS WEEK IS: Do you buy most of your books brand new or used?

I buy basically all of my books new. I get a lot of them from Book Outlet. I only just discovered this site at the beginning of this year. If you don’t know anything about Book Outlet, what they do I believe is sell select books that publishers have on overstock. They’re new but they’re super discounted. They don’t have everything, and really the only thing different than if you bought the book at the bookstore is that they have a little dot on the top pages to mark them as overstock

If I don’t get my new books on Book Outlet, I usually buy them on Amazon. Some of my fellow publishing majors and book lovers would maybe not be too happy with me for this, but I’m a student and like tight for money and I can get two books on Amazon for the price of one at a physical bookstore. Also, I have an Amazon cards so I get gift card points back for purchasing and I use those.

I have bought  a couple of used books recently though. A lot of the local bookstores near me have pretty big used book sections, so I’ve gotten around like five or so books there within the past couple months when I find something cheaper and in good condition.

let me know if you buy new or used and where in the comment!

11 thoughts on “This or That Thursday: New or Used?

  1. Mandy says:

    Book Outlet is amazing…a little too amazing sometimes and I end up way over book budget because you can’t beat the prices. XD I like to have most of my books new as well…okay, like all of my books new. XD Great post and discussion post! 🙂

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  2. ashley says:

    I buy both. However, as of late I’ve been utilizing libraries a lot more. Library book sales are a good place to find some amazing deals on books, and you’re supporting them at the same time.

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  3. michelejennifer says:

    I mostly buy new books. I’m not opposed to used books, but I like to get a good look at them first. I don’t like it if it’s been “loved” a bit too much by the previous owner, so I don’t like buying them used online. And there aren’t any really good used book stores in my area, which is a bummer. I like to look for used book stores when I travel, though. I always find it fun to have a copy of a used book as a souvenir from my trips. My favourite right now is my used copy of Romeo and Juliet that I bought when I was in London on a theatre trip.


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