Life And Blogging Update: Malfunctions And Maintenance


I’ve been on winter break for about three weeks now, and I have to say I’ve been a lot less productive than I wanted to be. I still hope to be posting almost everyday and even doing some scheduling to make my load lighter once school and work start back up.

But that’s not why I’m doing an update today. I just realized the other day that all my photos from older posts are down—you get that box with the little blue question mark. I believe this has to do switching from my old site and then canceling it this past week or so. The links or whatever are gone basically.

I’ve started going through each post and updating the photos and links, but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up because if I’ve mentioned or tagged you in an old post when I fix everything it will likely re-alert you. I’m sorry for kind of spamming you, but I just want everything on my site to be correct and fixed.

Thanks for your patience, and I hope everyone’s last days of the year are great! You deserve it!

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Hi! I'm Lindsey, a 20-something book lover living in the Boston area. I have an affinity for YA fiction and and a serious SVU addiction. Hit me up with a book recommendation and it might just become my next obsession. I'm glad to have you on the site and hope you enjoy my future posts.

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