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I was tagged to do this by Ash @ Once Upon a Bookshelf. A big thanks, go check out that post and blog.

So here are the rules: mention the creator (Kirsty and the Cat Read), thank the person who tagged you, match books or characters to the questions below, and tag as many people as you like.

ps i like you1. Reflection “When will my reflection show who I am inside” — An inaccurate book cover that doesn’t really reflect what the book is about

I thought the cover for Kasie West’s P.S. I Love You was really cute, but found it to be a little misleading. The girl on the cover is not what I pictured Lily to look like after reading the book, but also it doesn’t show anything about music, which is a big part of the book.

2. Mushu — A character with a lot to prove

Gwyneth Shepherd from Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier is one of the characters I’ve read that I felt had the most to prove in her book. Everyone thinks her cousin is gifted and perfect, while Gwen’s grown up thinking she was not the special one and then was subsequently treated that way. But the tables turn, surprising everyone and leaving Gwen with a lot to prove.

red queen3. “I’ll make a man outta you!” — A character who develops the most OR a book with some kick-ass training scenes

My first thought was to say Celaena from Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass, but I feel like I’ve mentioned that series a lot lately and wanted to offer an alternative. I thought the training scenes in both Red Queen and Glass Sword were really cool. I particularly enjoyed them because those training, including Mare, had all different powers.

4. “A Girl Worth Fighting for” — A ship you will defend till your last breath

I don’t think I’m part of any controversial book ships, maybe once I get farther into the Throne of Glass series I will be. I know there’s a lot of possible pairings going on there. Kai and Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles and Percy and Annabeth from Percy Jackson and the Olympians are just two book ships I’m all for. In terms of like I ship I have to defend that’s non-bookish, I have argued with my boyfriend a lot about is Katara and Zuko. I know they’re not cannon but still. Also Bellamy and Clarke from The 100 television show.

illuminae5. Huns — A book/character that gives you the creeps

Aiden from Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff creeped me out. I don’t want to spoil it if anyone hasn’t read Illuminae (you should read it), but let’s just say the fact that he’s an AI does not sit well with me.

6. Mulan — Your favorite badass female protagonist

This is like too hard to pick. There’s so many badass female characters—Celaena, all the girls from The Lunar Chronicles, Katniss, Annabeth Chase, Hermione. Like honestly, how is one supposed to choose? In this tag though, I’m going to give a shoutout to June from Marie Lu’s Prodigy series. It wasn’t my favorite series, but I did really feel for June (especially with that ending man), and she’s obviously badass as a military prodigy.

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Don’t feel like you have to do this if I tag you, and I’m sorry if you’ve already done this and I re-tagged you. I’m also opening this to ANYONE who’s read it and wants to do it.

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7 thoughts on “The Mulan Book Tag

  1. For Illuminae being a book that was just mission reports and chats, I totally didn’t expect to be so creeped out by it – but as you said, it gets super creepy at parts. Totally agreed with that one! Great post and what a fun tag – Mulan is the best. 🙂

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