My Bookish Wishlist


I talk about books I want a lot, but I don’t ever really talk about bookish items I want. So, in the holiday spirit I thought I’d create a wish list of sorts. These are book related items that I’d love to add to my collection—a couple of which I’m hoping to gift myself this month. Let me know some bookish items you want this holiday season in the comments!


Book scented candles are my new obsession. There’s so many on my list. I really love the Outlander ones from Meraki Candles. You should definitely check out her accounts/store. Additionally, Novelly Yours and In the Wick of Time have some cool ones. I don’t even know if I want to burn them or just display them on my shelf.


Decorating has become quiet the hobby of mine since moving into my first apartment this year. I’d love to have a bunch of art prints with cute designs and quotes in my room.


I love mugs in general, but then when you slap a pretty design and book quote on them damn. I like to browse the selection on Red Bubble.


There’s a ton of bookish jewelry out there. I love the idea of having a ring with a quote or something on it (mainly because I’ve been meaning to buy myself a ring for the past two years) or a necklace or earnings. I think my favorite pieces I’ve seen so far are from C.S. Literary Jewelry. Check out the shop on Easy.


I currently have one bookshelf in my room/apartment—it’s the large Billy bookshelf from Ikea. This past week it overflowed. Meaning, I need a second bookshelf! I’ve done some measurements and unless I completely move everything around I can only fit a small bookshelf in my room. I’m probably going to end up getting the smaller version of Ikea’s Billy bookshelf after I get some of my Christmas money—because buying presents has me broke.



Funkos are so adorable. I’d love to have them littering my shelf. I really like the Game of Thrones and Outlander ones. It kind of sucks that they don’t necessarily make them for books, and more so for television shows and movies. Not the biggest selection relevant to my book collection.


7 thoughts on “My Bookish Wishlist

  1. Lottie @ Novellique says:

    I love book scented candles too! Unfortunately most of the shops are based in the US and getting them shipped to the UK can cost £10-£15 which is ridiculous. I also have a love for Funko which are generally easier to get a hold of, and there’s such a wide variety of different shows and pop culture figures, too!

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  2. Michelle says:

    I love bookisg mugs, I have two Harry Potter ones and I use them on a daily basis 😊 I really, really want a bookish candle, but shipping is just too expensive at the moment. I also really love the idea of Funko pops and I hope I can purchase one soon 😊 Lovely post 🌸

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