Update: New Site, New Name, New Year (Almost)

If you’ve followed me for a bit you might’ve noticed that I’ve moved sites. I used to be self-hosted apieceofparadis.com and now I’m at paradisbooks.wordpress.com. You all moved along with me so no worries about re-following.

Just a little reasoning why I moved. I just got a notice about renewing my domain name, which expires in a couple months. It’s not that it’s a ridiculous bill or anything, but it got me thinking about if it’s really worth it. I don’t think I know enough about websites to have self-hosting be more useful than WordPress.

Then when I decided on that, I started thinking about name. I was previously also apieceofparadis on WordPress, but I came up with my name before I started book blogging so it isn’t really on brand with what I publish. As a marketing student being on brand is a thing for me.

So paradisbooks was born! Hope you guys enjoy the site!


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