News: Mini-Hiatus

Hi everyone! I meant to post this a couple days ago, but I’m sad to say that I will be taking a mini-hiatus. My senior year of college just started up, and honestly I’m a little overwhelmed with work at the moment. Even though I started this blog this past winter, I’ve done most of my posting during the summer—when I didn’t have as many obligations. Now I have class, homework, an internship, clubs, and just a lot. Especially since I’m hitting that point of the semester when everything ends up being due at the same time. I know everyone that’s gone to school knows what I’m talking about, when you have a paper, test, and another paper all within three days of each other. So yeah, that’s where I’m at. I love blogging, and interacting with other bloggers. I just need to take a step back for the next week or two and get my work done, then maybe get a little better at scheduling a majority of my content ahead. I do have a couple small posts scheduled so look for those in the next day or two, but other than that I’ll probably be dark.


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