Boston Teen Author Festival Recap!

This past Saturday, I went to the Boston Teen Author Festival. It was a day full of panels and signings that involved a total of thirty-five young adult authors. This is the fifth year of the festival, but the first time I’ve gone. It’s also the first signing event I’d ever been too, so I was super excited.

So, the way the day worked is that it all started with an into panel featuring all the authors. From there, there were a group a and group b of panels—each group included five different panels. There were two group a sessions and two group b sessions that rotated. Despite there being four opportunities, I sadly only made it to two panels. For one the room was already full, and then I had to take a lunch break.

I did make it to  “Female Friendships: Does Growing Up Mean Growing Apart?” The panel featured Lauren Gibaldi, Cindy Pon, Marie Rutkoski, and Destiny Soria. I was super excited because I love Marie Rutkowski’s The Winner’s Curse, but also because I love books with a good friendship. It was very relaxed, and the authors were all very fun and personable.

Afterwards, I stayed for “Who Run the World? (Flawed) Girls!” The panelists were  Rahul Kanakia, Emily Martin, Kate McGovern, and Lauren Morrill. I loved Lauren Morrill’s Meant To Be, so that was one of my reasons for picking the panel. Plus, my personal writing style is contemporaries with a female protagonist so it just made sense. Again, a lot of fun and great hearing the authors talk about their protagonists even though I hadn’t read all of their books.

Finally, there was the signing. I brought five different books I already owned with me and bought three there. Some lines were longer than others, but I got all of the books signed. I’m not the best at speaking to new people—especially since authors leave me a little starstruck—but, I did get to talk to Brittany Cavallaro, Erin Bowman, and Roshani Choshi a little. They were all super sweet and friendly. Check out some of the books I got signed below!



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