My Bookshelf Tour


I’ve never had a proper bookshelf. I’ve been using these old dvd racks we had at home for a while, and they were complete rubbish—they didn’t fit many books and were too short to cram hardcovers into. And since starting this blog I’ve become a bigger book buyer,  resulting in me having to just stack my new books on the ground. I had about two piles waist-high by the end of the summer that were awfully dangerous. So, when shopping for furniture for my  last year of college apartment, I decided to buy a bookshelf. It’s the Billy bookcase from Ikea, and I absolutely love it. Here’s a little tour of my shelves below. They’re a work in progress, I hope not only to get more books soon but little trinkets as well.


This is my first contemporary shelf. All of my shelves are arranged mostly by what looks good next to what, but I also made sure that I kept books of the same author and series together.


This is my second—almost completed—contemporary shelf. It starts with my Sarah Dessen collection and continues to other popular contemporary authors like John Green. Toward the end, as you can tell, are a handful of not-contemporary books. This is my start of my series—slash dystopian, slash fantasy, slash genre—shelf. I don’t plan on keeping the books there, they’ll probably get moved either when I get more contemporaries or when I have more Throne of Glass books. There was just an empty space that needed to be filled for now.


My third shelf is my series shelf. It’s basically all the series I own that aren’t contemporary. I made sure to keep all my precious Percy Jackson books together. The last two in The Heroes of Olympus didn’t come in a box, so I just stacked them.


This next shelf is a little bare. These are all my fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, whatever books that are single. Most of them have sequels that I just don’t own yet, but there are a couple standalone. I don’t particularly like this shelf, but it is what it is for now.


My last shelf is comprised of class books, adult fiction, poetry, and the classics. On the far left—kind of blocked by Anne of Green Gables—are the books for one of my literature classes, and then on the far right is my Jane Austen collection. Again, not really a huge fan of this shelf, but it is what it is. I only have one full shelf empty, so if I collect enough books throughout the year I might send some of my less-read classics home in order to make room.

Let me know what you guys think, and any suggestions you have for organizing or decorating!


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