My 9 Favorite New Adult Reads

I’ve recently discovered and fell in love with the new adult genre. I love reading about protagonists my age and put in a little bit more adult situations. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that there’s a little bit more going on relationship-wise. The genre really is just a good bridge between reading young adult and adult fiction—or in a lot of cases closer to romance. Below are nine of my favorite young adult reads. I’ve probably forgotten some I’ve read, and I definitely have others that just didn’t fit. I’ll probably have to make a part two at some point. Let me know your favorite new adult novel in the comments!

the dealthe game plan    sacked

Off-Campus Series by Elle Kennedy 

I’ve developed such a thing for new adult books with jocks—specifically hockey and football. The Dealthe first Off-Campus book—is the reason for that. It’s a fun and steamy series that still deals with some serious issues. Each book partners a new female protagonist with a member of the college’s hot hockey team. In the first book, Hannah Wells is just trying to get her crush’s attention. Garrett Graham just wants to finish college and play professional hockey, but failing a class is ruining his chances. He just needs Hannah to tutor him. In return, he’ll make her crush crazy jealous. But when one kiss leads to the best sex of both of their lives, Garrett realizes he no longer likes their deal.

Game On Series by Kristen Callihan 

Another fun and sexy sports series, the first book of the Game On series—The Hook Up—pairs together spitfire Anna Jones and quarterback Drew Baylor. Anna just wants to finish college and figure out the rest of her life. Falling for football star Drew is not on her to do list, but it becomes harder and harder the more heated stares he throws her way. But her control slips, leading to one of the hottest nights of her life. Anna wants it to remain a hook-up, Drew’s not going for it. And it’s a good thing Drew knows all about winning.

Sacked by Jen Frederick

Knox Master knows what he wants and gets it. Title of All-American Football player? Check. Scouts from the NFL watching him? Check. Next on his list is the national title and Ellie Campbell. The fact that she’s the sister of a teammate isn’t going to stop him. He’s sure she’s the one. But Ellie isn’t so easily convinced. Dating isn’t on her agenda, especially when she harbors a huge secret that could effect Knox’s future.

easy maybe someday fangirl

Easy by Tammara Webber

Easy is known as one of the original new adult books. This book deals with really important subjects such as sexual assault in a classy and appropriate way. It also has a great twist that I personally saw coming but shakes up the plot none the less. Jaqueline follows her long-time boyfriend to college, only for their relationship to end beginning of sophomore year. She’s now single, at a college not of her choice, and dropped by her shared friends. Leaving a party alone, Jaqueline is assaulted by a member of her ex-boyfriend’s fraternity. She’s rescued by a stranger, who just won’t let her forget that night—as he’s camped out sketching in the back of her econ class. Jaqueline’s friends nominate him as the perfect rebound. 

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Before reading Maybe Someday, I’d heard so much hype about Colleen Hoover. I’m glad to say, from what I’ve read the hype lives up. After catching her best friend and boyfriend hooking up, Sydney leaves their shared apartment only to move in with her mysterious and musically inclined neighbor. As the two write together they start to get closer, but the obstacles between them seem too much. This story was both heartwarming and swoon-worthy. It incorporates a lot of elements I was unfamiliar with and really enjoyed reading about.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl is a bit different and a lot more tame than the rest of the books on this list. I loved it all the same. Cath struggles with social anxiety as she starts college and not by choice starts spending less time with her twin, Wren. To cope, she finds herself eating tons protein bars in lieu of eating alone at the dining hall and writing her Simon Snow fiction instead of making friends. But, no matter how hard she tries her roommate and her friend Levi won’t leave her alone.

because of low price of a kiss foreplay

Because of Low by Abbi Glines

This is actually the second book in Abbi Glines’ Sea Breeze series. In my opinion it is way better than the first book. I think you could probably skip the first book—which is just a lot less complex plot and writing wise—and still get Because of Low. Marcus was hoping to enjoy another year away at college, but family issues drag him back to the town of Sea Breeze. The only plus is the fascinating red head that sleeps over a couple times a week—the downside being, she’s sleeping in the bed of his new roommate, Cage. But Willow “Low” isn’t one of Cage’s groupies, she’s his best friend and the girl he thinks he’s eventually going to marry. Marcus plans on changing that assumption.

Price of a Kiss by Linda Kage

I had trouble taking this book seriously when I first read the description. I mean really, a gigolo? In the end it was really a great start to a fun series. Don’t get me wrong, it is a bit overbearing on drama but you do start to really care about the characters. Reese Randall has had shit luck at relationships, having to flee her family and state to escape her crazy ex-boyfriend. So it’s no surprise when she’s attracted to Mason Lowe, the school’s totally hot gigolo.

The Ivy Chronicles by Sophie Jordan

This series is a lot of fun. I loved Pepper and Reece in the first book, Foreplay. Pepper has been in love with her best friend’s brother, Hunter, for like ever. She sees him as the key to her happy life. She just needs Hunter to notice her. Pepper’s plan involves going from the girl who’s only kissed one boy to a rockstar in the bedroom—she just needs some help. And her roommates have the perfect guy in mind, but bartender Reece is nothing like Pepper expected. Pepper’s lessons in attractions just got a lot more complicated.


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