Books Released This Week: September 12-18 2016

Here’s an update on YA releases for the week of September 12th, 2016. I know I skipped last week—which stunk because there were so many good releases—but with moving back to school things got a little hectic.

the readerThe Reader by Traci Chee
Published September 13, 2016 by Putnam

After her father is brutally murdered, Sefia flees into the wilderness with her aunt Nin—learning to hunt, track, and steal. But when Nin is kidnapped, Sefia is left alone and unsure. The only clue to both her aunt’s disappearance and her father’s murder is the object he left behind, a book—an item unheard of in her illiterate society. With the help of this book and a mysterious stranger, she sets out to save her aunt, uncover the reason her father was killed, and seek revenge on the people responsible.

The Last True Love Story by Brendan Kiely 
Published September 13, 2016 by Margaret K. McElderry Books

The point of living is learning how to love. That’s what Gpa says. Corrina is being suffocated by her adoptive parents that want her to be anyone except herself. She’s a musician, itching for any chance to escape, become the person she really wants to be. Hendrix is a little lost, with a dead father and a mom married to her job. Gpa is is only real family, but with a memory that’s fading fast Hendrix has made Gpa a promise—that he’ll get him back east to the hill where he first kissed his wife. Hendrix and Corrina risk everything—stealing a car, springing Gpa from his assisted living facility, and taking off on a cross-country road trip to learn if love stories truly are the only ones that last.

phantom limbsPhantom Limbs by Paula Garner
Published September 13, 2016 by Candlewick

Otis and Meg were inseparable until her family abruptly moved away after the terrible accident that left Otis’s little brother dead . Since then, it’s been three years of  silence, during which time Otis has become the unlikely protégé of Dara—part drill sergeant, part friend—who’s bent on transforming Otis into the Olympic swimmer she can no longer be. But when Meg is comes back to town, Otis must face the difficult decision of what to hold onto and what to let go.

Let me know what your most anticipated release of the week is in the comments!


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