In case you didn’t see my initial post, I’m participating in the #READTHEMALLTHON. It runs from Sunday August 14th to Sunday September 4th, and was created by Aentee @ Read at Midnight. You can check out her site for all the info on the read-a-thon as well as sign-up instructions. My Pokemon is Chikorita, which started with ten cp. After my first and second updates—which you can read here and here—my Chikorita evolved into a Bayleef and is at two hundred and forty-four.

Here’s my  what I’ve read, what I’ve reviewed, and the cp and badges I have gained between days  eleven and seventeen. I’ve skipped over the days where I did nothing for the read-a-thon.

DAY 13 – AUGUSt 26th

I posted a review of Mary E. Pearson’s The Heart of Betrayal—which you can read here. The review racked me up twenty cp. I also completed An Ember in the Ashes. For completing the book, I gained forty-four cp for pages read, twenty for completion, and the thunder badge.

Day 14 – AUGUST 27th

I started reading Champion by Marie Lu for my earth badge.

DAY 16 – AUGUST 29th

I finished reading Champion. From the book I earned thirty-seven cp for pages read, twenty for completion, and the earth badge. I also started and finished reading Illuminae—which gave me sixty cp for pages read, twenty for completion, and the flame badge. At this time I have passed four-hundred cp, meaning I can evolve and gain an extra fifty cp.

Trainer Card-5And here’s my updated trainer card with my current cp tally and badges. I earned the boulder badge, it just doesn’t look like it because it is actually grey.


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