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the wrath and the dawn1. Movie

I never realized how hard doing an adaptation wish list would be. I think part of it is that I’m terrified when adaptations come out in real-life, because all too often they completely butcher what they’re based off of. But, if I’m going to make a wishlist I have two series I’d like to see adapted into movies. My first pick is Renée Ahdieh’s The Wrath & the Dawn duology. The setting and clothing would be absolutely breathtaking on the big screen. And my second pick would be The Kiss of Deception series by Mary E. Pearson. I just finished these books and loved them. There haven’t been really any young adult, fantasy, kingdom adaptations like ever and I think this would be a good first for the genre.

2. Television Show

There have been a lot of really great book to  television adaptations recently—Game of Thrones, Outlander, The 100—at least in my eyes. I think The Conspiracy of Us Series by Maggie Hall—review here—has the potential to be a great television show. It’s fun, fast-paced, drama-filled, and spans continents and countries. I’d just love seeing one episode set in London and then the next in India. I feel like it’d wok best on The CW market-wise, don’t know if they could pull off all the locations well though.

cinder3. Cartoon

I really want an adaptation of The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. But, I feel like a live-action movie or television show adaptation just wouldn’t be possible or up to par. There needs to be a lot of world building and special effects and the budget would be outrageous. So, that’s why I think a cartoon version of The Lunar Chronicles would be perfect—I’m thinking in a Legend of Korra style.

4. Graphic Novel

I read like no graphic novels so this category is really hard. I know a lot of books do get these types of adaptations, but I’ve just never bothered to look at them. I think a Rebel Belle graphic novel would possibly be fun. The scenes would be switching between Harper dancing in a debutant dress and pearls to her busting out all these crazy Paladin fighting powers. Like it wouldn’t’ be too serious, but then again neither is the book.

the princess bride5. Play

Why are all of these so hard? If I had to pick a book too  be adapted into a play, I’d probably go with The Princess Bride. I’m partway through the book now, and I’ve seen the movie a million times. I think the cult classic would draw crowds and nothing in is is particularly impossible to recreate on a stage—especially because most of the movie effects are cheesy to begin with.

6. Musical 

Can I just say The Princess Bride again? I mean if it’s a musical it’s still a play right? These are so hard. But seriously The Princess Bride could probably be a great and hilarious musical. I’m leaning either towards an Anna and the French Kiss or Pride and Prejudice musical. Take your pick.

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