This or That Thursday: Challenge #51 Reading Reviews

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So every week Rae from the Bookmark Chronicles poses a bookish question. If you want to check out the challenge click the link. I plan on posting a response every Thursday.

THIS WEEK IS:Do you (typically) read reviews of books before you read the book, after you read the book or not at all?

This differs book to book for me. My usual process includes looking at the star rating on Goodreads first—especially if I’m buying the book. If the rating is around a three-point-five or better that’s usually all I need to go ahead. If the rating is lower I usually browse some spoiler-free reviews on Goodreads just to figure out if the things that other people found problems with are problems for me.

I do avoid full reviews though before reading a book. For example, when a BookTuber I subscribe to posts a review for a book I haven’t gotten to reading yet I don’t view it. The same goes for book bloggers I follow. I do look back at these reviews after finishing a novel or before I start working on my review just to see if other people had the same opinion.

Let me know your answer to this Thursday’s this or that in the comments!


2 thoughts on “This or That Thursday: Challenge #51 Reading Reviews

  1. Liza says:

    I try never read or watch reviews before I read books unless it’s something that I really don’t think I would enjoy, as in not a genre I like, then I might just out of curiosity.
    I do tend to read/watch reviews after I have read a book though, especially from bloggers/booktubers that I know I have a similar taste to!


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