The Pokemon Go Book Tag


No one actually tagged me to do this, but I saw it @ Wonderless Reviews and couldn’t resist. Sadly, I made myself delete the Pokemon Go app because I went over my data while playing last month. But, I have always loved everything Pokemon.

The Pokemon Go tag was created by Aentee @ Read at Midnight. You can see her original post here. I also used the adorable graphics she made.


I’ve always loved to read, which makes it hard to the book that started it all. I usually answer with  The Perks of Being a Wallflower, because it’s the book that made me fall in love with the young adult genre.


Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a classic series for me. It’s the series I read when I’m in need of comfort. The characters and setting just feel so familiar and almost like home. Still waiting on my satyr to come take me to camp half-blood.


I have absolutely no interest in reading The Girl on the Train—partially because I’ve seen it recommended by everyone everywhere, but also because it’s not really my genre. I don’t think I’m going to even bother with the movie.

I loved The Wrath & The Dawn, but I feel like it was very predictable and trope-y. Shanzi is a fiery here. There’s a forbidden romance. Shanzi’s childhood friend is pining for her. Things go to shit towards the end. It was interesting because of the setting and culture, but besides that nothing was particularly groundbreaking.


There’s definitely a couple, and I’m getting repetitive here. But the two biggest series I’ve been putting off are Outlander and Throne of Glass. I think I’ll feel more motivated to start these once I own all the books. Then I just need a big chunk of time to crank them out. I know I’m going to want to binge. It’s a sickness of mine.


I’m not into scary or creepy books. That being said, I’m picking a series that kept me up because I didn’t want to put it down—The Lunar Chronicles. I started this series early this summer and finished it within four days. There’s four books. I literally didn’t want to go to sleep because I was thinking about the characters and everything that was happening and just wanted to finish.


I definitely have a couple—Percy x Annabeth, Cinder x Kai, Thorne x Cress, Charlie x Sam, and my all-time otp Elizabeth x Darcy.


I had a bit of trouble with Legend, but I thought its’ sequel Prodigy was on-point and couldn’t put down. The twists and turns of June and Day’s relationship were crazy. I read these on vacations and didn’t have time to pick up Champion before I left.


I love that Rick Riordan keeps writing Percy Jackson books. I haven’t gotten around to the Heroes of Olympus or Trials of Apollo spin-offs, but I’ve heard great things and can’t wait to get to them. P.S. His son goes to my college, and I’ve actually had him in one of my writing classes.


I just started the Rebel Belle series and was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t expect much from this series. It’s about a debutant who magically gains some kick-ass  powers—doesn’t really sound like serious book. And it wasn’t. But that’s what made it good. Rachel Hawkin’s characters were fun, witty, and a complete joy.


When I heard that Emma Watson is set to executive produce and star in a movie based off The Queen of Tearling, I knew I had to read it. An added bonus, the book is beautiful and has deckled edges. Deckled edges are life.


I think the vintage classic versions of Jane Austen’s books are absolutely adorable. I also recently bought the Puffin in Bloom edition of Anne and Green Gables. I’d like to buy more of their editions in the future. Not only are they cute, but they’re well made.


I know it’s been out for a while, but I really want to read Roshani Chokshi’s debut novel The Star-Touched Queen. I was first drawn in by the completely stunning cover. I’ve heard mixed reviews, but I’m definitely going to pick it up once the tbr pile in my room shrinks a bit.


I have a couple actually—John Green, Marissa Meyer, Sarah Dessen, and Rainbow Rowell. As you can see, most of them are contemporary authors. Besides that I have a lot of authors I will auto-read. It’s just too expensive to auto-buy books all the time.


I can’t wait for the release of A Torch Against The Night. The first book was so amazing and left me needing more—so much more. I even got my mom hooked.


Don’t feel like you have to do this if I tag you, and I’m sorry if you’ve already done this and I re-tagged you. I’m also opening this to ANYONE who’s read it and wants to do it.

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One thought on “The Pokemon Go Book Tag

  1. Yay for Percy Jackson! The spin off series are all really amazing! I know sometimes those kinds of books can be overdone, but Rick Riordan somehow manages to keep things interesting. None of it seems forced either. I really hope you enjoy.

    I love Perks too! I really need to reread it. I need to read The Queen of the Tearling too. It’s so cool that Emma Watson is directing it!


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