This or That Thursday: Challenge #48 Changing Your Mind

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So every week Rae from the Bookmark Chronicles poses a bookish question. If you want to check out the challenge click the link. I plan on posting a response every Thursday. I’m sorry today’s is a little late. I thought I had it scheduled, but I guess not.

Is there a book or series that you enjoyed when you read it, but would change your mind about now?

I was super into Twilight back in middle school. Now it makes me cringe. Not to offend anyone who loves it. And it’s not because I find the writing juvenile or anything—I occasionally read middle grade series. It’s the the overall premise and characters.

Bella has serious dependency issues, and looking back I find her kind of bland. If I had to characterize her as a food I’d pick a bran muffin. From a writer’s perspective she’s flat, and that just doesn’t work for a main character. Then there’s Edward. Maybe it’s because I have the Robert Pattinson performance in my head, but he was just painful. Everything about him was so forced and awkward. He was a lead that didn’t make me swoon. Jacob Black on the other hand—or should I say Taylor Lautner—is a different story. I don’t really know if there’s another series out there that I’m ashamed of loving and have changed my opinion about.

Let me know your answer to this Thursday’s this or that in the comments!


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