Review: Colleen Hoover’s Hopeless

hopelessTitle: Hopeless
Author: Colleen Hoover
Young Adult Fiction, New Adult Fiction, Contemporary
Publication Date: May 7th, 2013


Seventeen-year-old Sky is about to attend public school for the first time. But just before the first day, she meets Dean Holder. He’s a guy with a promiscuous reputation and she knows she should stay away. The problem is that despite all the boys Sky has kissed, none of them have made her feel the way Holder has—just by looking at her.

I’m not sure how great (or long) my review is going to be on this—I read it a while ago—but I wanted to write it anyway because I do have thoughts on all the crazy things that happen in this book. And yes, just a warning that this book is kind of crazy. It doesn’t seem like anything is going to be too heavy when you read the synopsis or start the story, but there are a lot of things in this book that might be triggers for people.

This book takes place mostly in the present, but there are a handful of flashbacks that are of Sky’s life before she was adopted. These flashbacks are memories that are coming back to Sky, because she literally knows nothing about her life before being adopted.

Sky is given so much shit in the beginning of this book. She starts her first year of public school without her best friend Six and by association is labeled a slut—when all she’s really done is kiss boys. I had a problem with the way her classmates treated her—calling her names and leaving her notes. I know teenagers can be mean but it seemed a little too dramatic and unrealistic too me. That being said, I loved the way that Sky handled it. She keeps her head up and comebacks witty. Sky knows it’s not true so she doesn’t let it get to her. And then I loved when she finally found a friend in Breckin—the funny, adopted, coffee drinking, gay, Mormon. I also love how Sky reads. There’s a couple of passages where she’s reading romance books and they’re really great.

One of the peculiar things about Sky is despite the fact that she’s kissed all these boys she’s never felt anything. She feels no emotion when it comes to boys or intimacy, until Holder. Then there’s the fact that Sky is completely unconnected. Her adopted mom doesn’t allow television, internet, or cell phones.

Holder is the love interest if you didn’t figure it out. I liked him—he has great chemistry with Sky—but I just felt like I read him before. He’s the hot, intense, and temperamental bad boy with a past.

Like I said in the beginning, Hopeless seems like a simple girl meets boy book but it’s not. This book gets pretty crazy, serious, and dark pretty quick. And while I think that’s why I ended up liking it as much as I did, for people who have triggers I’d advise staying away from it.

“It’s real, Six. You can’t get mad at a real ending. Some of them are ugly. It’s the fake happily ever afters that should piss you off.”

You can find Hopeless on Amazon and the author at Give it a read and let me know what you think in the comments. Plus leave recommendations for my next book!


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