This or That Thursday: Challenge #38 Reading Ahead

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So every week Rae from the Bookmark Chronicles poses a bookish question. If you want to check out the challenge click the link. I will be posting my answer every Thursday.

THIS WEEK IS: Do you ever skip pages or read ahead?

I don’t exactly skip pages, I skim them. I’m either bored with a scene or feel like something major is about to happen and want to get to that. I don’t usually skim on purpose, my brain just kind of does it—possibly trained to after so many years of reading for classes.

There are a couple cases of me blatantly looking forward in books. Sometimes I skim over the last couple pages. Or for a series, I’ve looked up the Goodreads description of the second book before finishing the first. The worst example I can think of is regards to Game of Thrones—the television show and book series of a different name. I’m about halfway through book four of the series, but before the season five finale of the show I looked up how book five,  A Dance With Dragons, ends. I’m not proud of any of this, I just have very little self control.

Let me know your answer to this Thursday’s this or that in the comments!


3 thoughts on “This or That Thursday: Challenge #38 Reading Ahead

  1. Hannah Ens says:

    I have gotten into a really bad habit where if a section isn’t interesting to me, I’ll skim ahead to see if something exciting is about to happen that I should keep reading for. But then I keep skimming and skimming…I’ve easily jumped 50 pages or more before I have to force myself to go back and actually read it all.


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