Review: Samantha Shannon’s The Bone Season

Title: The Bone Seasonbone season
Series: The Bone Season
Samantha Shannon 
Young Adult Fiction, Paranormal
Publication Date: August 20, 2013
 Bloomsbury USA


It is the year 2059. Nineteen-year-old Paige Mahoney is working in the criminal underworld of Scion London and employed by Jaxon Hall. Her job is to gain information by breaking into people’s minds. Because Paige is a dreamwalker, a rare type of clairvoyant. And in the world of Scion, being a clairvoyant means death.

It’s only when her freedom is threatened by two city guards that Paige discovers her full ability.  Later that night, she’s attacked, drugged and kidnapped, only to be transported to Oxford—a city believed to be destroyed two hundred years ago and know known as Scion I. There lives a powerful and otherworldly race known as Rephaites. These Rephaites abuse and train clairvoyants to become their slaves. They even maintain power over Earth’s government by keeping the threat of a parasitic race known as Emim at bay.

Warden Arcturus, the blood-consort of the Rephaite leader, Suzerain Nashira, decides to make Paige his protégée. His motives are unclear—he treats Paige better than other Rephaites, gets injuries he doesn’t want treated, and then there’s the matter of his fiancee wanting Paige dead so she can absorb her dreamwalker ability.

This was a really difficult reading experience. I wanted to like Samantha Shannon’s The Bone Season, but it was just so dense. I’m really surprised I finished it at all, it took so long for something to happen and the pacing was slow throughout the book.

Besides that, I had a lot of trouble—at least at the beginning—understanding the world Paige was in. There were points where I felt like I didn’t have enough information to get what was going on, then there were parts of the book that were complete info dumps. This left my head spinning. It got even worse once Shannon threw in Scion slang, names of people, types of clairvoyants, and then the different classes of people living at Scion I. There is a chart of clairvoyant types and a map at the beginning of the book, but I hate flipping back and forth while trying to read.

The main reason I kept reading was Paige, the story’s protagonist. I really enjoyed her. She was strong to start off with, but grew even more so throughout the novel. Besides that, she’s fiercely loyal—both to the people she meets at Scion I and the rest of her gang back in London.

We get to know the members of the Seven Seals gang mainly through Paige’ memories. Even so, their characterization was super strong, and the memories were some of my favorite parts.

One of the characters I had a problem with was the Warden. Mainly because I couldn’t figure him out. I know Paige can’t either and there are six more books in this series but I wish I got a little bit more so I could understand him.

I don’t know why, but when I bought the book I thought the description mentioned a romance. It does not. I realized this about halfway through the novel and was a little disappointed—I love romances. This being said, Shannon does sneak in a little romance at the end of the book. I’m not sure how I feel about it just because it happened so late and seemed so rushed. I think she needed to hint at it more ahead of time.

The only reason I might considering picking up the second book in the series, The Mime Order, is because the pacing and story really picked up towards the end. Almost enough so to make up for the rest of the novel. You can find The Bone Season on Amazon and author Samantha Shannon at

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