25 Bookish Facts About Me


I just moved to apieceofparadis.com this week and as a kind of introduction, I thought I’d post twenty-five bookish facts about me. This is a post I’ve seen around, and it’s always really fun. Let me know some bookish facts about you in the comments!

  1. I prefer paperback over hardcovers. Dust jackets just really bother me, and I can never read with them on. I also like how flexible paperbacks are. And they’re always cheaper!
  2. I loved deckle edges on books. For those of you that don’t know, a deckle edge is when the cut is feathered and kind of rough rather than straight. It’s pretty rare to find new books nowadays with deckle edges.
  3. Even though young adult fiction is my favorite genre, my favorite books are Pride and Prejudice and Peter Pan. They’re classics.
  4. Perks of Being a Wallflower was the first YA book I really fell in love with. I just connected with Charlie on so many levels.
  5. I just started Goodreads. I mean I’ve looked at them before for descriptions and such, but I’ve just started using them to compile shelves and track my reading. I can’t believe I waited so long, it’s great.
  6. Speaking of Goodreads, my goal for this year’s challenge is 100 books.
  7. I own a lot of Nicholas Sparks books. I was really obsessed with him and high school and own like almost all of his novels.
  8. I’ve lost my library card. My wallet was lost—potentially stolen—my freshman year of college, and I lost both my home and Boston Public Library Card. I never bothered to replace them and just use my brother’s if I need to.
  9. I like television show The 100 more than the books it’s based on. This is very rare for me, but I think the changes the show made were really good and gave it some complexity. Check it out on The CW.
  10. I’ve never read the Harry Potter books. My mom actually bought all of them when I was young and I just never bothered to read them, but I saw the movies. I know, I’m a bad muggle.
  11. I go to school for creative writing. My actual major at Emerson is Writing, Literature & Publishing, but that’s kind of a mouthful.
  12. I listen to music when reading—usually The Lumineers’ Pandora station. I just can’t do silence.
  13. I dog ear pages—meaning I fold the corner to mark my page. I know some people really hate this but I’ve been doing it forever and habits are hard to break. Who can bother to carry a bookmark anyway?
  14. I have a book that contains all six Jane Austen’s novels—plus a short piece of fiction. It’s huge.
  15. I judge books by their covers. I know you’re not supposed to, but some covers are just too beautiful.
  16. I try to buy all my books on amazon.com, or now that I discovered it bookoutlet.com. I’m a poor college student and Amazon is just always cheaper.
  17. I’ve been trying to finish the A Song of Ice and Fire series for almost three years now. I’m halfway through the fourth book. I love the books and the show, but other things get in the way and sometimes I need to take a break and read something different.
  18. I hardly ever DNF a book, unless it’s for school—yes I’m talking about you The Scarlet Letter
  19. I have a Kindle but prefer physical books. I usually use my Kindle if I’m going on vacation or for e-ARCS.
  20. I own three Norton Anthologies—basically these huge books that are a collection of a lot of different stories or poems from a time period. Lugging those to classes is not fun.
  21. I like when a book looks well loved—folded corners, worn spines, marks and stains on pages, the whole shebang.
  22. I’ve recently started using a journal. It’s actually a sketchbook that one of my professors made us buy for class, but since I can’t draw I use it as a place to make notes, schedules, lists, and brainstorm topics for blog posts and stories.
  23. I own a lot of Shakespeare—not by choice, but because I’ve taken British literature twice on top of a Shakespeare class.
  24. I’m my mom’s go to person for book recommendations. I’ve recently suggested she brings Sabaa Tahir’s An Ember in the Ashes on vacation with her.
  25. I want a bunch of literary tattoos—including a quote from Alice in Wonderland, the stars from Peter Panand “I go to seek a great perhaps” (the François Rabelais quote in Looking for Alaska).

Let me know some bookish facts about you in the comments!


One thought on “25 Bookish Facts About Me

  1. Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews says:

    I prefer paperbacks too! It’s pretty difficult for me to get hardbacks where I live, but even if I had access to them I’d still choose paperbacks. I think hardbacks are really aesthetically pleasing, but paperbacks are just so much easier and more convenient.

    I also judge books by their covers. I can’t help it, haha. If I see a beautiful cover I am so much more likely to pick it up. And well-loved books are beautiful. My copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is a hardcover with a broken spine because I read it SO many times and I just think that’s really awesome, haha, so I don’t plan on ever replacing it.


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