This or That Thursday: Challenge #32 Burning Books?

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So every week Rae from the Bookmark Chronicles poses a this or that question. If you want to check out the challenge click the link. I will be posting my answer every Thursday.

THIS WEEK IS:Would you rather never read your favorite book again or burn the last three books you read?

Obviously I’d never burn a book—that would be sacrilege—but this  is hypothetical.

So I’m currently reading Hannah Tennant-Moore’s Wreck and Order and Sophie Davis’ The Syndicate.  And I just finished Rachel Smith’s Reflection: Harbinger of the Phoenix—you can read my review here. I’m a little iffy about Wreck and Order so far, so I’d probably be fine with burning it, even though it has a beautiful cover. But I’m really engaged in The Syndicate, and I really enjoyed Harbinger of the Phoenix.

Still I’d burn these last three. While I can’t narrow down my favorite book, just out of my tops—Pride and Prejudice, Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Peter Panthere’s not one I’d be willing to never read again.

Let me know your answer to this Thursday’s this or that in the comments!


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