Review: Rachel R. Smith’s Reflection: Harbinger of the Phoenix

Title: Reflection: Harbinger of the Phoenix  reflection harbinger
Series: Records of the Ohanzee
Rachel R. Smith
Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy
Publication Date: September 28, 2015
 Rachel R. Smith


I received an e-book copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion of the book, or the content of my review.

This is the second book in the Records of the Ohanzee series, and the review may contain spoilers from the first book Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror. You can check out my review of Stranger in the Mirror here.

King Casimer of Marise has assassinated the royal family of Chiyo and usurped the throne. Or so he thinks. The Heiress of Chiyo, Nerissa, resides safely in the secret city of Darnal, disguised as a man and protected by the Ohanzee—a group of guardians that have defended Chiyo and its royal family for generations.

After discovering the first part of a prophecy—hidden in an ancient book—the seer Shea and her daughter, Desta, set out to uncover the rest and find the foretold “one.” Nerissa and her group of Ohanzee soon intercept them.

Nerissa—known to those around her as Caeneus—and her group set out to find the remaining five books, complete the prophecy, and hopefully save all of Renatus.

After reading Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror I just had to continue the series. I was already used to Smith’s writing style and the way she switches point of view, so that made reading Harbinger of the Phoenix a lot easier. 

I really enjoyed seeing Nerissa interact with the supporting characters. One of the most touching moments, is when she briefly reunites with Charis—her best friend. It’s the first scene where the reader really sees Nerissa’s raw emotions. The twins, Cole and Eloc, also added some great humor.

Rian has connected the dots and recognizes Nerissa—even in disguise—as the girl from the ball. He still doesn’t know that she’s Nerissa, the Heiress of Chiyo, and she still hasn’t recovered her memory, so it’s definitely going to be interesting to see how their relationship plays out. I think the initial attraction between them at the ball will inevitably resurface, and will add some romance to the remaining novels in the series.

The stakes really pick up towards the end of the book, the threat of Casimer more present than ever. And the ending is a mini cliffhanger.

I will be anxiously waiting the release of the third book, Reflection: Thorn of the White Rose

You can find Reflection: Harbinger of the Phoenix on Amazon and the author Rachel R. Smith on her blog Plus, check here for an excerpt. Give it a read and let me know what you think in the comments. Plus leave recommendations for my next book!



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