New Pieces Published & Exciting News!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot, with break and classes coming to a end everything’s been a little hectic. I  am trying to make more frequent and meaningful postings so look out.

Anyway, I have had some pieces published elsewhere so check them out!

I’ve had a couple pieces posted on Her Campus lately: 5 Food-Based Masks for All Skin Types, Nail Colors That Are So This Season, Black Friday as Told by Gifs, and 5 DIY Christmas Decorations for Your Dorm.

Also for Boston Magazine I wrote Warm Up with Boston’s Best Hot Chocolate and a release entitled Pastry Chef Marissa Rossi Makes a Sweet Addition to Puritan & Company.

I also have some exciting news!  In the spring I will be an editorial intern at Boston Common Magazine. And for the summer, I’ve applied to the American Society of Magazine Editor’s program. This is a really great opportunity and I’ve been lucky enough to have Emerson, my college, endorse me.

What’s your favorite article I’ve published recently? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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