New Pieces Published & Back From Mini-Hiatus!

Hi everyone! Sorry about the mini-hiatus, the last couple of weeks I’ve been swamped with midterms and other work. Just because I haven’t posting here though, doesn’t mean I don’t have any new pieces to check out. Give them a look below!

October’s behind us so this one is a little past its prime, but I wrote Kids Halloween Events as a  round-up for Boston Magazine.

Also for Boston Magazine I wrote The Boston Vegetarian Society Held Its 20th Annual Vegetarian Food Festival, which was a recaps of the event.

My recent Her Campus pieces include 4 Reasons We Love Olivia Benson, 4 Fall Apple Recipes, and Your Boot Style Guide.

Finally, Your Mag’s November issue is up! Not only am I represented as A&E Editor, but I also wrote the piece “The Fear of Fan-fiction.” Check out the issue below!


What’s your favorite article I’ve published recently? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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