5 of My Everyday Essentials

Every morning when my alarm goes off, too early, I ask myself how: how am I going to get through the day? 

Between class, work, my internship, homework and extracurriculars it all seems too much. And this is all before I even dare to look at the emails now flooding my inbox.

The answer to this how, first and foremost is coffee. But a large part of me successfully getting through a busy Monday is my gear: what I consider my everyday essentials.

Here’s five.


Palmer’s  Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick has not only replaced chapstick in my purse but in my heart. Not only is the stick much larger than normal chapstick, giving you more bang for your buck, but I’ve definitely noticed that the cocoa butter formula infused with vitamin E works better. The fact that the cocoa butter smells great is just a bonus! Plus, with winter coming chap lips are inevitable.


I’m very picky about my planner: it needs to serve both style and functionality. It took two trips to Walmart, one to Staples and a very exasperated boyfriend for me to find the perfect planner for my junior year of college. I ended up with this Mint Green weekly planner. The planner does double duty, showing the monthly calendar as well as a weekly layout, which has the perfect amount of space for marking events and assignments. The planner additionally has sections for jotting down important dates, holidays, schedules, personal information, notes, and goals as well as contacts. Plus it’s 60% recycled materials. I loved it so much that I also bought the journal, which I use frequently to jot down everything from blog post ideas to personal notes. Both are super cute and functional!


After my campers broke my water bottle this summer I was on the hunt to find a new one for school. The Subzero Vacuum ended up being a perfect replacement, and I never leave the dorm without it! The lift-up cap makes it easy to drink from, and its suction ability keeps it from leaking all over my laptop and books when I shove it in my backpack.


I’m a coffee addict, meaning that every morning I need my freshly brewed cup of Joe to wake me up. Yet, even with my Keurig  located only a foot from my bed, I don’t always have time to leisurely sip my 10-oz hot hazelnut coffee out of my Anna and Elsa mug in the comfort of my dorm. Sometimes I have to brew it to go. But I’ve always had a problem with tumblers and thermoses, fearing that upon finishing my coffee and stowing the tumbler in my backpack the little bit of excess would leak and stain the bag’s interior. Recently though, I’ve discovered the Contigo thermos. With auto-seal technology, the thermos alleviates any worries pertaining to leakage.

What are some of your everyday essentials? Let me know in the comments!


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