A Week Without Makeup: Day 1

A week without wearing makeup. Doesn’t sound like a big deal right?Well it kind of is.

Okay so I’m not super big on makeup. I gave up eyeliner after many failed attempts at perfecting the “winged” look. And I dab on whatever eyeshadow color coordinates with my outfit for the day, only for it to be smudged and gathered in the crease of my eyelid three hours later.

All I’m really good at is swiping on some mascara and caking on concealer and powder to even out my skin.

Yet, makeup is still really hard to go without. It’s like a mask. The extra dark tint of my eyelashes somehow makes me feel prettier. My cream-colored concealer is a magic wand that puts insecurities to rest as each red blemish disappears. A perfectly applied red lip boosts my confidence, not necessarily because I pull it off but because not many people even try.

So why am I deciding to live a long torturous week without wearing on ounce of makeup?

Well after breaking out endlessly for the past two weeks, and attempting to hide all evidence under layers and layers of foundations I’ve decided that my skin needs a break. And besides, while a killer red lip and long dark lashes might give me an extra confidence boost, it takes even more confidence to go without it.

Going barefaced is pretty brave. And after one whole day, gallivanting around the city, attending my internship, and trudging through classes all without a dab of coverup my face feels fresh and clean. And honestly I felt less insecure today not wearing makeup, than I do another day where I’m constantly checking to see if my foundation faded or mascara smudged.

One day down, six to go!

Let me know what you think about going barefaced in the comments!


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