Top 5 Wednesday: Books From Before You Joined __________

Top Five Wednesdays started on Goodreads back in 2013. At the beginning of every month Sam from ThoughtsOnTomes posts a topic for each Wednesday and bloggers, vloggers and overall book fans are encouraged to respond with their top five.

This week is top books from before you joined ___________, in my case that’s the book blogging community—so really the blank is just whatever type of online book community you’re part of. Let me know your top five before books in the comments!

1. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I picked up this series in high school, way before I knew book blogging and BookTubing were even things. It’s a classic young adult series that I will never not enjoy.

2. Graceling by Kristen Cashore

This book is what got me into young adult fantasy, no doubt about it. Essentially certain people in this land are “graced” with different abilities—Katsa, niece of the King, is graced with killing. She’s feared by most and is used by the King as a weapon, while on the side she does her own secret stuff to undermine him. Katsa is fierce and vulnerable and really the first badass female character I read; and then there’s Po, the cute graced princeling, who rivals Peeta for sweetness. Continue reading

Books Released This Week: August 21-27 2017

Hey ya’ll! Here are this week’s young adult releases! I think out of these three I’m most interested in Dress Codes for Small Towns by Courtney C. Stevens. I think the main character and subject sound super interesting. Let me know what you’re most excited for in the comments!

The Rattled Bones by S.M. Parker
Published on August 22, 2017 by Simon Pulse

Maine-bred, independent Rilla Brae is no stranger to the deep. She knows the rhythms of hard work and harder seas. But when she experiences the sudden death of her father, the veil between the living and the dead blurs and she begins to be haunted by a girl on a nearby, uninhabited island. The girl floats a song over the waves, and it is as beautiful as it is terrifying. Familiar and distant.

Then Rilla meets Sam, a University of Southern Maine archeology student tasked with excavating the very island where the ghostly girl has appeared. Sam sifts the earth looking for the cultural remains of an island people who were forcibly evicted by the state nearly a hundred years ago. Sam tells Rilla the island has a history no locals talk about—if they know about it at all—due to the shame the events brought to the working waterfront community. All Rilla knows for sure is that the island has always been there—an eerie presence anchored in the stormy sea. Now Sam’s work and the ghostly girl’s song lure Rilla to the island’s shores.

As Rilla helps Sam to unearth the island’s many secrets, Rilla’s visions grow—until the two discover a tragedy kept silent for years. And it’s a tragedy that has everything to do with Rilla’s past.

Dress Codes for Small Towns by Courtney C. Stevens
Published on August 22, 2017 by Harper Teen

As the tomboy daughter of the town’s preacher, Billie McCaffrey has always struggled with fitting the mold of what everyone says she should be. She’d rather wear sweats, build furniture, and get into trouble with her solid group of friends: Woods, Mash, Davey, Fifty, and Janie Lee.

But when Janie Lee confesses to Billie that she’s in love with Woods, Billie’s filled with a nagging sadness as she realizes that she is also in love with Woods…and maybe with Janie Lee, too.

Always considered “one of the guys,” Billie doesn’t want anyone slapping a label on her sexuality before she can understand it herself. So she keeps her conflicting feelings to herself, for fear of ruining the group dynamic. Except it’s not just about keeping the peace, it’s about understanding love on her terms—this thing that has always been defined as a boy and a girl falling in love and living happily ever after. For Billie—a box-defying dynamo—it’s not that simple.

The Arsonist by Stephanie Oakes
Published on August 22, 2017 by Dial Books

Molly Mavity is not a normal teenage girl. For one thing, her father is a convicted murderer, and his execution date is fast approaching. For another, Molly refuses to believe that her mother is dead, and she waits for the day when they’ll be reunited . . . despite all evidence that this will never happen.

Pepper Yusef is not your average teenage boy. A Kuwaiti immigrant wi Molly Mavity is not a normal teenage girl. For one thing, her father is a convicted murderer, and his execution date is fast approaching. For another, Molly refuses to believe that her mother is dead, and she waits for the day when they’ll be reunited . . . despite all evidence that this will never happen. Pepper Yusef is not your average teenage boy. A Kuwaiti immigrant with epilepsy, serious girl problems, and the most useless seizure dog in existence, he has to write a series of essays over the summer . . . or fail out of school.

And Ava Dreyman—the brave and beautiful East German resistance fighter whose murder at seventeen led to the destruction of the Berlin Wall—is unlike anyone you’ve met before.

When Molly gets a package leading her to Pepper, they’re tasked with solving a decades-old mystery: find out who killed Ava, back in 1989. Using Ava’s diary for clues, Molly and Pepper realize there’s more to her life—and death—than meets the eye. Someone is lying to them. And someone out there is guiding them along, desperate for answers.

What release are you looking forward to this week? Let me know in the comments!

Review: Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Boys

Title: The Raven Boys
Series: The Raven Cycle
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal
Publication Date: September 18, 2012
Pages: 409
Publisher: Scholastic Press



Please excuse this review if I’m a little vague or ramble-y, I read this book right before I fell into my blogging slump but really still want to share my thoughts on it.

Essentially the plot of the story is Blue’s family is full of psychics, that’s their thing—except her—and all her life she’s been told her kiss will cause her true love to die. But this never seemed like a problem, until four Raven Boys—the rich school kids who she always hated—suck her into their quest for a dead Welch king.

I finally understand what all the hype is about; I want myself some Raven Boys. This book was just so delightful. I don’t read a lot of books where magic exists in like a normal contemporary setting—usually it’s more fantasy-based, so this was a fun and bit different read for me.

I’m going to touch base on the writing really quick. Maggie’s writing itself is always detailed and beautiful. Her language is always strong and evocative, just as magical as the plot of the story. This book does a really interesting thing with point-of-view though. We’re in third person, and while it does usually focus on the group of around four main characters, it also switches to some of the less major characters. It’s not dictated by chapter or anything, it’ll just switch. At first it’s definitely an adjustment, but I think once you just make yourself keep going with it you almost forget. Continue reading

Life and Blogging Update: Blogging Slump






Hey everyone! So I posted like a week ago about my commenting goals and being more involved and then sorta dropped off the face of the earth. I apologize. With work and everything last week I got a lot behind, and was coming home without the energy to even look at the blog. At first I felt bad about not posting every day like usual, not only for ya’ll but because that’s a goal of mine, but after a day or two just decided ya know what, I’d take the week off and not stress about it.

I feel like sometimes we all need to give ourselves permission just to step back and not feel guilty or stressed. This is something we do (or at least I do) because its fun and we enjoy it. Forcing myself when I just don’t have it in me makes it more of a chore, and then I definitely won’t want to do it then. Anyway, this week I hope to be back to posting and get to commenting like I said I would.

What do you guys do when you get in a blogging slump? Let me know in the comments!


Top 5 Wednesday: Fitness Routines You Want

Top Five Wednesdays started on Goodreads back in 2013. At the beginning of every month Sam from ThoughtsOnTomes posts a topic for each Wednesday and bloggers, vloggers and overall book fans are encouraged to respond with their top five.

This week is top five characters whose fitness routine you want—the post suggests a lot of ways you can take this but since I want to get better as working out, I took it as straight upt fitness. Let me know which characters gym habits you’d like  in the comments!

  1. Warner and Juliette in Ignite Me

Warner makes a really good point in Ignite Me that Juliette needs to know how to fight with more than her powers. I love the training sequences of them together. She’s not a natural fighter, but he has overwhelming and completely sweet patience with her. Plus, we get A LOT of Juliette oogling Warner as he does his workout routine, I’ve got no objections to that.

  1. Emily and Frank in Since You’ve Been Gone

Something I wish I was better at and I enjoyed more is running. It’s usually my go-to workout either by myself or with friends—except during the chilly winter months—but it’s still not something I excel at or particularly enjoy. Emily and Frank will go on these crazy long runs that I probably couldn’t handle.

  1. Celaena in Throne of Glass

I think this is an expected on a lot of people’s list. Celaena is an assassin, so she has a ton of training and is super skilled, but in this book we see her have to sort of relearn her skill and her body after being locked up for so long. Continue reading

Books Released This Week: August 14 – 20 2017

Hi ya’ll! Here’s my roundup of the young adult books being published this week. We have some good ones, a mix of sequels and first novels or standalones. I’m really excited about Crystal Blade, which is the second Burning Glass novel, the first book was just okay but I want to see where it goes. And Wicked Like a Wildfire sounds like such an interesting cool read! All descriptions are from Goodreads, let me know which one of these releases catches your eye in the comments!

Wicked Like a Wildfire (Hibiscus Daughter #1) by Lana Popović 
Published on August 15, 2017 by Katherine Tegen Books

All the women in Iris and Malina’s family have the unique magical ability or “gleam” to manipulate beauty. Iris sees flowers as fractals and turns her kaleidoscope visions into glasswork, while Malina interprets moods as music. But their mother has strict rules to keep their gifts a secret, even in their secluded sea-side town. Iris and Malina are not allowed to share their magic with anyone, and above all, they are forbidden from falling in love. But when their mother is mysteriously attacked, the sisters will have to unearth the truth behind the quiet lives their mother has built for them. They will discover a wicked curse that haunts their family line—but will they find that the very magic that bonds them together is destined to tear them apart forever?

A Map for Wrecked Girls by Jessica Taylor
Published on August 15, 2017 by Dial Books

We sat at the edge of the ocean—my sister Henri and I—inches apart but not touching at all. We’d been so sure someone would find us by now. Emma had always orbited Henri, her fierce, magnetic queen bee of an older sister, and the two had always been best friends. Until something happened that wrecked them. I’d trusted Henri more than I’d trusted myself. Wherever she told me to go, I’d follow. Then the unthinkable occurs—a watery nightmare off the dazzling coast. The girls wash up on shore, stranded. Their only companion is Alex, a troubled boy agonizing over his own secrets. Trapped in this gorgeous hell, Emma and Alex fall together as Emma and Henri fall catastrophically apart. For the first time, I was afraid we’d die on this shore. To find their way home, the sisters must find their way back to each other. But there’s no map for this—or anything. Can they survive the unearthing of the past and the upheaval of the present? Continue reading

Commenting Goals


I’ve been saying this for a while now, but never really officially put it out there—which is maybe why I haven’t kept to it— but I want to comment more on all of your posts. I know I’m a bit infrequent when it comes to commenting, which like ya’ll are amazing enough to read and comment on my posts.

My schedule has just been everywhere lately. But in order to get better about commenting and staying more up-to-date with everyone’s content (instead of just binge commenting), I’m going to set some post reading/commenting goals. Check them out below:

1. Dedicate a minimum of thirty minutes each day to reading my followed sites.

I think this is pretty self-explanatory. I’m basically giving myself a minimum amount of time everyday that I need to sit down and just read through everyone’s recent posts. I will probably do this at night, you know just that thirty minutes before I actually try to fall asleep and am just laying in bed on my phone.

2. Leave meaningful comments on the posts I read. 

I don’t want to just be reading everyone’s posts and doing nothing or just liking, I want to be commenting because I know from experience it takes time to create that content and having someone comment on it makes you feel great. And I want these comments to be meaningful and relevant not just like “nice post!”

3. Reply to every comment that gets posted on my site.

I am usually pretty good about this, I know lately I’ve maybe been commenting a day or two later. I usually read posts, comment, and reply to comments from the app on my phone. It’s just an easier format for me, but I’ve also been using a lot of data so I’ve been turning that off, meaning I don’t see comments till I get home with wifi and have a bunch piled up. Sometimes I’m just lazy, okay?

let me know if you have any specific goals or practices when it comes to reading and commenting!

First Lines Fridays: August 11

First Lines Fridays is a weekly feature for book lovers hosted by Wandering Words. What if instead of judging a book by its cover, its author or its prestige, we judged it by its opening lines? I’m kind of using this as a way to keep track of what I want to read next or at least soon. Follow the rules below:

Pick a book off your shelf (it could be your current read or on your TBR) and open to the first page.

Copy the first few lines, but don’t give anything else about the book away just yet – you need to hook the reader first.

Finally… reveal the book!

So here it is:

Joost had two problems: the moon and his mustache.

What book is this?

Do y’all know?

Any idea? Continue reading